Over the past few months Ye has been rocking the RED WING 3049 Boot. Which has left a lot of fans wondering why he hasn’t been wearing Yeezys as of late.


This weekend our boy Visionslord snapped a pic with Ye while they were at a birthday party. Like the saying says ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Ye was wearing a new Yzy Boot modeled after the Red Wing Boots he has been rocking for some time now.

Why hasn’t Ye been wearing Yeezys as of late? It appears he has been wear testing the Red Wings to see what works with them and what don’t. So when he got ready to make his Yzy Boot, he would know exactly what materials he would want them made out of, and what shape would work with the boot.

From the few pics we gotten it seems that while similar to the Red Wings the YZY Boot is much more slimmed down and appears more flexible. The minimalist boot silhouette features a knee high length in a mix of leather and neoprene. The upper comes in a charcoal black with reflective piping wrapped around the heel up to the mid-foot area. The toe of the boot features overlay panels adding to aesthetic. While Yeezy is known for chunky soles on most of their boot models. These appear to have a more toned down sole.

At this point in time there is not date for when these could release. The bro @jadagreat38 has heard that they may already be in production. If so there a possibility we could see these by the end of the year.

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    We have now reached a new era in sneakers, one where slides and foam footwear is dominating the market. Whether it’s the crazy look of some of these slip-ons or just because of the extreme comfort level, whatever the reason is, it seems everyone has to have a foam sneaker in their collection these days.

    Adidas officially announced the ADI fomQ on Twitter yesterday showing that this new sneaker is based on the adidas Quake, a sneaker that came out back in 2001. The foam exoskeleton strategic holes through out bearing a similar shape seen on the adidas Quake. The grey sock like bootie make up the interior, and can be taken out of the sneaker if preferred. The sock-like interior also has an orange trefoil fused on the tongue with some more orange accents at the ankle. Flat grey laces complete the upper making this foam sneaker less if a slip-on like other on the market.

    While adidas didn’t announce the colorway name or an exact release date you can exoect these to drop later this year. Grab a look at the official images below. Keep is locked to our social medias to stay up to date on YEEZY launches & news from the sneaker world.

    New images via adidas

    As the restock list continues to grow for YEEZY Day we will be getting some new releases as well. Last year on YD as far as new releases went, we only seen two. The YZY FOAM RNR Cream Clay dropped first thing, and actually released in stores. The other new release was the YZY 700 V3 Dark Glow, which looks exactly like the Alvah 700 V3, this drop however didn’t release in stores and launched on adidas Confirmed like the restocks do on YD.

    This year YEEZY is kicking it up a notch with multiple new releases to go with all the restocks, there is a couple 700s, a 450 and a new SLIDE colorway. Everyone’s favorite slip-on is coming back in an all new Flax colorway. Unfortunately we haven’t seen this colorway yet, but based off the Flax 350 V2 these will likely bare a light tan finish with a hint pale yellow.

    The YZY SLIDE features a soft injected EVA foam, making them lightweight yet durable. The slide has went through multiple updates since it’s initial release. YEEZY has consistently made new improvements along the way wanting to make them the perfect slip-on. The EVA foam from the first few slide releases had a firmer consistency plus many sizing issues. They once again changed the molds last year when they added the texturized feature, and appears they are using a new blend of EVA foam because they are much softer and the sizing is more correct than it’s ever been.

    The YEEZY SLIDE comes in a minimalistic design featuring open-toe construction with a monochrome finish. The texturized outer layer utilizes a soft layer in the foot bed offering supreme comfort. The outsole is made up of exaggerated V grooves helping with the comfort and traction. Look for the YEEZY SLIDE Flax to drop in full family sizing on August 1st as part of YEEZY Day for $70, $50, & $40 retails.

    Make sure to keep it locked to all our social medias so you can be the first to know when we post upcoming YEEZY drops and news. Quick Disclaimer, we haven’t seen this colorway yet so the mock-ups above are only what we assume they will look like. Nevertheless if we are spot on or way off, this is just a way to let you know more slide colorways are coming.


    When the 450 was first seen on Ye at Paris fashion week the YEEZY community went crazy over the final version of this model, which had been teased for a few years. YEEZY & adidas did a great job at keeping the initial release quiet, as news about YZY 450 Cloud White launch didn’t come out until a week before the drop.

    The YEEZY 450, this Yeezy model is made in Germany and features a unique design element and uses incomparable technology, using state of the art, automated manufacturing during production. The one piece upper made from adidas’ engineered Primeknit, wraps the foot in a sock-like build providing a flexible fit and comfort. The upper is mated to a soft injected polyurethane midsole offering responsiveness and cushioning.

    The 450’s midsole features a tapered exoskeleton like cage extending up at the heel and midfoot offering stability and durability, while delivering a futuristic one of a kind aesthetic. The rubber outsole completes the sneaker matching rest of the monochromatic sneaker featuring a wavy traction pattern. Other details include tonal rope laces, Ortholite insole, and sock like cuff at the ankle area.

    With only samples getting some slight updates to the model thus far, it’s hard to tell which way YEEZY is gonna take the 450 since not all samples will release. Here is a look at the newest 450 sample colorway to surface, along with a few others that have surfaced as of late. This first one comes in a monochromatic abalone grey throughout the upper, keeping the same aesthetic seen on pairs that have released.

    The exoskeleton cage on these feature a silver finish darker than the upper adding some definition to the sample. The laces shown are not what come with this colorway, they are actually closer to the knit in color. The outsole has a finish the same color as the knit also offering some more contrast from the darker midsole. At this time we can’t confirm if this sample is releasing as there is just as many sample colors showing up as released pairs

    See below for more detailed shots of this colorway, and we’ve added images of some samples that have shown up recently. What colorways would you like to see drop for the 450 model? Go to our socials below and let us know your thoughts. Turn notifications on so you know everytime we post more YEEZY samples and launch news.

    View with indoor lighting
    Sample images via @thy.prin.ce
    Utility Black sample launching on YEEZY Day

    Whether you agree with Ye that adidas is making their own fake YEEZY Slides or not. There is no denying the amount of hype these have. With only 3 colorways dropping so far out of many, these are quickly becoming one of the most popular slides on the market today.

    We first seen the Desert Sand, Magic Lime, and Magic lime/ Desert SandMx” initially drop in June, there’s already a plethora of colors coming up as well. Besides while YEEZY Slide resell is steadily going down due to all the restocks, some people can’t justify paying over $100 for a $70 slide. If you still haven’t managed to hit a pair of YEEZY Slides for retail yet, the Adilette 22 is a nice substitute. Or these might be the better of the 2 in your opinion. Either way both are a grey choice for summer wear, both have plenty of colorways/ drops planned

    Adidas already has three more colorways announced in a grey, black, and black/grey colors. The grey and black colorways are exactly what they sound like. Both coming in a monochromatic look and featuring the same build we have seen from the released pairs from June. The black/grey colorway is another “Mx” color, featuring a mostly grey finish with black marbling mixed through the slide. As past has proven with sneakers in general these black and grey colorways will bring as much, if not more hype to the Adilette 22 as the first three colorways have.

    I personally don’t agree with Ye that adidas is deliberately copying his design, as they are slides, and there is only so many shapes you can make them in the first place. Maybe adidas took some inspiration from the earth tones YEEZY is known for, but it looks like adidas is already moving away from that with these new sample colorways surfacing recently. The newest sample colorway comes in a mix of vibrant greens with black marbling throughout. This isn’t the only vibrant sample that has surfaced either. This along with the 3D pinted design make these one of a kind.

    Next up another vibrant sample hit Instagram from account Future Basics. They recently posted an Azure blue Adilette 22 sample. This colorway features a mostly blue finish with a white marbled pattern throughout.

    Lastly recently shared on Instagram by Sample_Kicks, another “Mx” colorway. This one consists of a mostly pink finish with with a black marbled pattern all over the slide. If these 2 colorways are a look at what adidas has planned for the Adilette 22 Slide, then we have a lot to get excited for coming later this year

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    Green image via @woganwodeyang


    Planned colorway images via @de.sneakerz

    Adidas has long been known for their sock-like running shoes made popular with the Ultraboost. A model that was so hyped at one point, adidas had life long Nike fans trading in their air for BOOST™. That was short lived, as adidas started to base almost every new sneaker around the sock-like construction the Ultraboost became popular for instead of evolving.

    It appears adidas has decided to make some changes in their lineup and join the ongoing trend of foam slides and clogs. A look YEEZY and Crocs have been dominating with the YZY FOAM RNR, YZY Slides, Crocs in general, and their Pollex Clog collab with Salehe Bembury. Still under development images of the adidas COSMIC fomQUAKE samples have surfaced lately giving us a peak at what an adidas foam sneaker looks like. The first image surfaced in 2021, unfortunately blogs ran with it, stating it was a FOAM RNR V2, due to the similarities on the upper. While we are all ready to see what Ye can do on a version 2 FOAM RNR. The first image just looked like something was missing.

    Recently as more images have surfaced it was revealed that a lot was missing in the first leaked image. The one piece injected EVA foam exoskeleton encases a grey sock-like bootie that can be worn inside sneaker or taken out. The sock-like bootie adds another layer to the foam build, making them look more like a sneaker than a clog. Small hole in the top make up the eyelets for lacing system. This sample features flat laces that likely only serve a purpose for looks, rather than actually needing them to keep your foot locked in.

    This ADI fom Q sample doesn’t feature a ton of color, but an orange adidas trefiloil logo sits on the tongue’s lateral side with another hint of orange at the ankle collar. Part of the one piece Foam build, the midsole should be on another level as far as comfort, as it made from the same EVA foam as the YZY FOAM RNR.

    The outsole features two rubber pieces fused to the bottom, making the shoe more durable, with better grip than if it was just foam. This is not something you usually see on a foam silhouette, but this will definitely make them last longer. More sample colorways have already been made with some featuring an “Mx” pattern on the upper. Unfortunately we are not allowed to share these to the public yet. Just know that this model is gonna take off for adidas

    A black pair has also surfaced in a different design, along with a white version of the same style. Even less is known about these, and they may not even release. The upper features a more dynamic design with sleeker cutouts. The overall shape is much more compressed compared the the adiFOM Q. The sock-like booty seems to be made from a version of adidas’ Primeknit with an elastic cuff, similar to what you see on the YZY 450.

    It’s hard to tell exactly what outer shell is made from, but the style is similar to the ADI fomQ by having the 2 piece upper. The lacing system On this pair is integrated into the booty, all images of this model doesn’t have laces, but they will likely feature round laces. The foam midsole consists of intricate designs throughout matching the upper.

    The adidas adiFOM Q is still in a sample phase, with a release expected at the end of 2022 or possibly early 2023. Make sure to turn on notifications to be notified every time we about upcoming YEEZY launches and sneaker news. Stay tuned into our social medias let us know if you like us venturing out beyond just posting YEEZY news.

    Images via Future Basics and Lil Jupiter

    One of the most popular Yeezy models, the slide hype is at an all time high. With Summer in full force and keeping tradition of dropping every few months, the Yeezy slides are back again in the Resin, Bone and Onyx colorway.

    The Yeezy Slide Bone hasn’t been dropped in a very long time, and this will be the first time getting the fixed sizing and textured feel. Coming in a monochromatic light tan, while featuring the same minimalist aesthetics we have seen on past slide releases. The lightweight yet durable injected EVA foam makes up the composition of the one piece slide.

    The slide provides immediate step in comfort. An Embossed Adidas logo is the only visible branding, and sits on top of a soft foot bed. The exaggerated outsole with deep V shaped grooves finishes off the slide giving supreme traction and cushioning. These will be launching only in adult sizing.

    We just seen the release of the Onyx slide in March and June, it’s looking like we will be seeing the Onyx slide restock once again in full family sizing. Since it’s first release these have quickly became a favorite throughout the community. These will feature the same build as the previous Onyx releases, if you haven’t been able to grab a pair yet, here is another chance.

    Lastly, launching on the same day we have the Resin Slide. This is another colorway that hasn’t beeen dropped in a very long time, and will also be the first time getting the fixed sizing and textured treatment. This has always been one of the more popular colorways and nice they are going back into the vault and not just restocking the Pure again. These will drop in full family sizing.

    Look for all these to launch on JULY 25th for the new retail of $70, $50, & $60. They will drop Adidas.com/yeezy on Confirmed, Yeezy Supply, and select retailers in your area. Look out for our where to buy list as the release gets closer. July will be a slow month, so you have plenty of time to prepare as this will be the only drop in July. Make sure to turn on notifications so you know every time we post about upcoming Yeezy Launches and news. Let us know on our social medias below which color you are going for.

    RELEASE: JULY 25th
    RETAIL: $70 $60 $50
    New Bone with textured look. No early images of Resin at this time Photo: @prestigeclt

    Yeezy is about to hit a slow point with only slides dropping in July. On June 24th UK will restock the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Blue Tint then drops will come to a hault until end of July. With North America only getting the restock last January and Asia Pacific before that. Here is another chance at getting these for retail, but only if you live in Europe on Confirmed. Luckily for people in other regions a lot of the sites will have worldwide shipping, so you still get a chance.

    The YEEZY 350 V2 Blue Tint features adidas’ re-engineered Primeknit. Coming in a mix of greys, white, and pale blue. They also have the iconic Zebra style pattern in the upper with SPLY-350 in red across the lateral side. Conventional round laces and pull tab finish if the upper. Making the build just like the original release

    Then upper sits on top on TPU side walls incasing full length drop-in BOOST™ technology. This makes up the midsole, which comes in a translucent blue tint finish. A matching rubber outsole finishes out the sneaker in the usual 350 V2 style. These will retail for $230.

    Below we have compiled a list of Raffles and FCFS drops. You will need to enter soon, as you only have a couple days to enter some of them. Good luck, and we will keep updating the post as more Raffles become available so keep checking in.

    Let us know on our social medias below if you plan on going for these. Be sure to keep it glued here to be notified first every time we post about upcoming Yeezy Launches and news, as we will post here before Instagram.

    RELEASE: JUNE 24th
    STYLE CODE: B37571
    RETAIL: $230
    Images via @jjoseph

    One of the newest YZY models is getting a new colorway. The YZY KNIT RNR first released back in 2021 in the Sulfur colorway. This model was met with mixed reviews, as a lot of new YZY models are. Only 2 colorways have released thus far in this model with a third on the horizon. Here’s a first look.

    The YZY KNIT RNR Fade Azure delivers the third colorway YEEZY’s sock-like silhouette. The premium full knit build hugs the contour of the foot, and comes in a multitude of colors on the main part of the upper. This is a new take on the model as previous colorways opted for 1 main color with the collar being a another. The main part of the upper comes in a fade of light sage to dark with a splash of azure blue mixed in at the heel. The collar comes in an azure blue finish, the color is solid in this area with the fading aspect only on main upper.

    The upper utilizes slip-on construction, something we are seeing more and more from YEEZY due to Ye wanting to move away from laces. In usual YEEZY fashion there is no exterior branding, with only the sizing information stamped on lateral side of collar. The slip-on sits on top of durable rubber outsole in a sage
    finish, with modified herringbone traction pattern, and adidas branding under the heel.

    Look for these to drop very soon as early pairs have recently hit the Internet. The Faded Azure colorway might just be what this model needs, as a lot of people have been on the fence about this model due to the first 2 colorways not being the most versitle. These will retail for $200

    Let us know on our social medias below what you think on this newest KNIT RNR colorway. Turn on notifications so you know every time we post about upcoming YEEZY launches and news.

    Images via @prestigeclt


    With a packed month of June releases coming to a close soon, with the YEEZY Boost 350 V2 Onyx and Bone dropping Monday, June 20th. We were suppose to get 1 more drop this month in the way of a restock, but it’s looking like that’s not gonna happen now.

    The YZY FOAM RNR Sand was suppose to be the last drop of the month, and was once even listed to drop on the 11th with the Desert Sand. Unfortunately we will have wait a little longer for this restock. Since there isn’t many drops next month, and August being one of the biggest months of year. The Sand will likely restock in August maybe during YEEZY DAY.

    The Sand will will come in full family sizing, which is a first for this colorway. Very similar to the original FOAM RNR Ararat, this colorway has been one of the most sought after since it’s release. They will retail for $90, $65, and $45. When they finally load on backend we will announce a more definite drop date.

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