Next up for the month of May on the 21st we have the YZY 700 V3 FADE CARBON, which is most out there colorway so far for the model. This futuristic silhouette features mix of colors fading from carbon blue, purple, pinks, and red throughout it’s monofilament mesh upper. The RPU cage follows suit blending with the rest of upper.

The 700 V3 FADE CARBON features no tie bungee laces on top a neoprene bootie in a dark grey. They Polyurethane cushioning sits inside an aged EVA midsole providing comfort and durability. The rubber outsole comes in a darker grey with cutouts showing the PU cushioning in a lighter grey.

Below we have compiled a list of Raffles and online drops. This is early for Raffles, but a bunch have already loaded, so we want to give you as much time as possible to enter. We will keep updating the article as more Raffles become available so keep checking in, there will be a ton more loading all week.

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  • Ye and Adidas Reach New Agreement For Remaining Yeezy Stock

    In October of 2022, Adidas shocked the world as they announced their split with Ye and his Yeezy brand, which ended up in a very public manner. In general, it is fairly clear why Adidas decided to discontinue working with Ye. To begin with, Kanye was the one who formally started the breakup. Then Ye took to social media with anti-Semitic outbursts during which he praised leaders such as Adolf Hitler. But some would argue Adidas only chose to terminate their contract after they started to get a ton of backlash online for not saying anything at all. Their only choice was to disassociate with Ye after that kind of conduct. As a result, Adidas management stated they owned the Yeezy catalog and could do whatever they wanted with it.

    Unreleased Yzy Foam Rnr: Clay Taupe and Stone Salt

    However, this left Adidas with unsold Yeezy shoes valued at $520 million. Adidas stated they can continue to market Yeezy designs even without the Yeezy logo, but the $520 million in stock in question still had Ye’s emblems. It was also very obvious that there would be a huge decline in consumer interest with Ye not tied to the brand. The brand was consequently trapped with the inventory, which led to rumors that the business would lose more than $1 billion in revenue this year. Adidas has therefore been frantically looking for methods to figure out how to move the already produced stock to recoup its prior investment. As a result, several extremely intriguing speculations have started to spread on social media.

    After terminating the agreement, adidas said that the Yeezy brand will end while also shutting down the Yeezy Supply web store. The remaining Yeezy stock would subsequently be marketed under the adidas name, with no Yeezy markings on the designs, according to shareholder calls and meetings. Now, it’s alleged that an agreement has been reached between the two sides to sell the remaining inventory of Yeezy shoes. It’s looking like there will Not be any new Yeezy branded designs at this time. But Adidas plans to only sell current Yeezy designs that have already been produced. This news isn’t exactly what most Yeezy fans wanted, but if we aren’t getting new designs and colorways, this will have to do.

    Unreleased Yzy Slides: Granite, Azure. Slate Grey

    Only time will tell if either party want to even get back into an actual partnership again after both sides already took the gloves off since the October split. If they can come to an agreement to start making new designs again and a new contract they both can get behind, it will benefit both parties and especially the fans that have rode for Ye all these years.

    Stay tuned for more details as this story unfolds, and check out images of unreleased heat that we can look forward to seeing drop sometime in 2023. This isn’t even close to the amount of models and colorways that have already been produced.

    Unreleased Yeezy Models Expected in 2023

    Yeezy 350’V2 Carbon Beluga

    Yzy Foam Rnr: Charcoal and Clay Taupe

    450 Slide: Cream

    Yeezy 350 V2: Dark Salt

    Yeezy 350 V2 Space Grey

    Yzy Slide: Slate Grey

    Yzy Slide: Azure

    Yzy Slide: Granite

    Yzy Foam Rnr: MX Azure

    Yzy 350: Pirate Black

    Yzy Foam Rnr: Flax

    Yzy 450: Stone Teal

  • Ye Gets Married To Yeezy Designer Bianca Censori

    Kanye West recently wed Bianca Censori, a Yeezy employee, in a private Beverly Hills ceremony.

    According to reports, Ye and Censori exchanged wedding rings without submitting a marriage certificate to make their union legally binding. Censori, who appears to have worked as an architectural designer for the fashion brand for a few years now, and West reportedly said “I do” and exchanged wedding rings.

    The couple has not publicly announced their marriage, but Censori, was seen eating at the Waldorf on Monday with Ye. Ye also made a clear reference to his ostensible new wife in the song “Censori Overload” that was released last month.

    The length of their relationship is unknown, however Censori joined Yeezy in November 2020. The unexpected nuptials take place just two months after Ye finalized his seven-year divorce from Kim Kardashian.

    Photos: Brokengalerie
  • After Adidas’ Split With Ye, They Are Stuck With $530 Million In Inventory

    Ye has managed to stay out of the headlines for the last couple of weeks, but he’s back again, well, sort of, as reports have shown after Adidas split with Ye, they have over half a billion in Yeezy products already produced without an actual path of moving it

    As the Financial Times reported, some previous Adidas executives have stated that Adidas has relied too much on the “Yeezy Cash Cow” as other product lines were not growing as expected even before the pandemic. Adidas hasn’t been able to turn its product lines into stable profit growth.

    Yeezy was the only adidas product line that wasn’t affected by the 2019 slowdown and even through the pandemic. “It was the only product moving,” stated someone knowledgeable about the situation. Since the brand was doing so well, Adidas started moving Yeezy into more markets and releasing more models and higher stock numbers.

    From 2019 to the time adidas parted ways with Ye in October 2022, the Yeezy brand had grown twofold and started delivering €1.7 billion in annual income, or 7% of the group’s total. As the Financial Times Reports, Adidas didn’t let their investors know how reliant they were on just the Yeezy Brand alone. Adidas has tried to grow other product lines with more celebrities like Pharrell Williams, Beyoncé, and now Jerry Lorenzo. Yet none of these product lines come close to what the Yeezy brand has done in just a few years.

    It adds insult to injury with Adidas not being able to sell anything in Russia due to them invading Ukraine. A place where they held the top spot in that market. With sales down in China, it seems like it is falling apart for the German Sportswear Brand. To prevent a costly loss, Adidas is currently holding onto unsold Yeezy shoes worth more than €500 million in potential income and is desperately trying to figure out how to sell them under its brand.

    As we have shown, what will likely be their first “Yeezy” release without Yeezy in the Granite 350 V2. They have already switched the official images from the usual tan background Yeezy has used for just about its whole run. They now have the official photos in the same look as any regular Adidas release to fit more in line with the Adidas brand. But If social media is any preview of how Yeezy fans will react to Adidas releasing Yeezys without Ye, it’s not looking good for Adidas. Yeah, some people say they love the shoes no matter what. Still, it’s overwhelmingly in the favor that most Yeezy fans have already moved on if Ye is out of the picture and would rather wait likely a couple of years to see what Ye comes out with either on his own or if he teams up with another sneaker brand.

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  • As More Early “Yeezys” Surface on Social, Does Adidas Have What It Takes To Market Them As Their Own?

    One thing adidas is good at is shooting itself in the foot after relying so heavily on the Yeezy brand, which is the only product line that has been selling out to carry the brand along. It seems like they make the same bad decisions over and over.

    For example, when the 4D technology was still hot, long before the ultraboost fell off. Adidas didn’t make the technology widely available until no one cared about it. Now you can buy their ultraboost and 4D models off their site basically at wholesale. Considering they have discounts where you can purchase both for sometimes close to half off.

    Now it’s understandable with all the Yeezy inventory they have; of course, they want to sell the stock to recoup some money. They had already finished production runs of Yeezy models for the original lineup for 2022 and even produced some meant for 2023. When the split first happened, they put their foot down, saying no matter what, they owned the designs and were selling them.

    It’s more apparent to Adidas now more than ever that the only reason people have stuck around for 75 colorways of the 350 V2, a shoe that honestly isn’t even in style anymore was only because it’s a Yeezy. At the same time, most couldn’t get them when they were so limited and you had to get them on the secondary market for $500 to $800 depending on color. With no Ye they won’t sale like they use to.

    Now, as more colorways are surfacing, people aren’t going to buy the shoes without Ye, especially at the regular prices, the models were listed at before. On social, you can see that people have already left the brand because of Ye’s departure. No one wants to buy a “Yeezy” that’s just a regular adidas shoe. Suppose adidas does move forward with producing more colorways and models, rather than just selling what’s been produced. They will likely make even more 350 V2 Colorways at a higher rate than they initially did when Ye was there, and people aren’t going to keep buying them.

    If you look at Adidas’ previous track record, they are notorious for taking something that once worked and using the same formula well after it isn’t working anymore. That’s why they are still making almost every running sneaker modeled after the ultraboost, because it was once their most popular model. Which Ye was the reason the ultraboost blew up.

    In our opinion, Aiudidas should just cut their losses, they decided to cut Ye out. They should sell their Yeezy product for at least $20 to $40 lower. Then if they want to use that design pallet from the Yeezy brand, then they need to make some brand new designs. In the end, they are just being hypocrites still trying to sell the Yeezy brand as their own. All they will be doing is still relying on that they were once Yeezy’s.

    Let us know your thoughts on the situation on our social medias are you still buying Adidas Yeezy’s with no Ye?

    What’s Next For Adidas and Their Yeezy Inventory?

    350 V2 Granite
    Style Code: HQ2059 HQ2062 HQ2063
    Release: January
    Kids and Infant sizes have not loaded

    Stock Adidas is Sitting on

    Yzy Knit Bsktbl Onyx 
    Style Code: HQ6762
    Has been loaded since October before split
    Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra
    Style Code: CP6954 HP6592 HP6588
    Full Family Sizing
    Has been loaded since October before split
    Yeezy 500 Utility Black
    Style Code: F36640
    Has been loaded since October before split
    Yeezy 700 V2 Tephra
    Style Code: FU7914
    Has been loaded since October before split
    YZY Foam Rnr Stone Salt 
    Style Code: GV6840 HP5336 HP5341
    YZY DST BT Salt 
    Style Code: FV5677
    Yzy Slide Azure
    Style Code: ID4133
    Ye owns this IP Adidas can’t sale
    Yeezy 350 V2 Onyx 
    Style Code: HQ4540 FZ6049
    Full Family Sizing
    Yzy 450 Stone Teal
    Style Code: ID1632
    YZY Foam Rnr Mx Azure
    Style Code: ID4126
    YZY Slide Granite 
    Style Code: ID4132
    Ye owns this IP Adidas can’t sale
    Yeezy 700 Utility Black 
    Style Code: FV5304
    Yeezy 350 V2 Carbon Beluga  
    Style Code: HQ7045
    Yeezy 350 V2 Mx Dark Salt
    Style Code: ID4811
    YZY Foam Rnr Flax 
    Style Code: HP5335
    Yeezy 350 Pirate Black 
    Style Code: BB5350
    YZY 950 Pirate Black
    Style Code: AQ4831
    Yeezy Slide Slate Grey
    Style Code: ID2350
    Yeezy 500
    Style Code: IE4783
    Early Pairs Still have Yeezy branding but they haven’t loaded yet
    Yeezy 350 V2 Space Ash
    Style Code: IF3219
    Last Yeezy To Be Produced with Yeezy Branding. They still have not quit producing models
  • A Detailed Look: Yeezy 350 V2 Space Ash Due In 2023

    Once slated for a January release, we have the best look yet at the Yeezy 350 V2 Space Ash. Coming in light grey, this tonal colorway is reminiscent of the 2020 Tail Light release. These feature the same style of upper seen on the Zyon 350 V2.

    The newer static design weaved in the Primeknit consists of a smooth area middle ways on the lateral and medial sides. Although, those designs in the uppers do not stand out in the re-engineered primeknit since this is a tonal colorway. The fan-favorite pull tab is back for this colorway, an attribute that received little complaints in the past.

    The monofilament stripe, a few shades darker than the upper, isn’t as translucent as we’ve seen on 350’s in the past. The stripe and pull tab breaks up the monochromatic look while adding to the aesthetic. Conventional round laces finish off the upper, matching the rest of the sneaker.

    The upper is fixed to their signature ribbed TPU midsole and rubber outsole. Both come in a darker shade of grey than the upper. Full length drop-in Boost™ technology makes this one of the most comfortable sneakers ever. Other details include grey round laces, defined center stitching, and made from sustainable and recycled materials as part of Adidas’ End Plastic Waste Program.

    When Will The Yeezy 350 V2 Space Ash Release?

    Unfortunately, there is no exact date on when they will drop. Production started in October; therefore, what’s already in warehouses and early pairs have the YEEZY branding on insoles and boxes. So that has to be figured out, but expect to see these to hit shelves in 1st Quarter 2023 along with other models and colorways as production in China has never stopped.

    Yeezy 350 V2 Space Ash
    Style Code: IF3219
    Release; 1st Quarter 2023
    Photos: SneakerCollectorVN/ MasterChefIan/ MikeyRuiz24

  • More Unreleased Yeezys Surface

    Well, there has been a considerable slowdown of early Yeezy pairs lately as the divorce of the two brands goes into its third month. As it’s genuinely unsure what’s next, SolesByZay has just blessed the feed with multiple 450 Slides in the Cream colorway.

    We leaked the first sample in white way back in 2020; then Ye leaked the rest of that year’s calendar on Twitter. Although that calendar wasn’t accurate at the time he posted it. It had the Cream YZY 450 Slide set for an end-of-2020 launch that ended up not happening.

    Fast forward a few months, VLord sent us the first look at the new colorway. At this time, he told us the sizing was way off, and for example, if you wear a size ten, you would need to buy a size 8 for them to fit. The sizing is likely why were delayed for so long, but we can only speculate.

    In 2022, almost two years later, more pairs have just surfaced. We heard rumblings of a rumored drop in 2023, but we never received confirmation. But seeing a ton of early pairs confirms that was likely the plan, well, at least until October.

    The YZY 450 Slide Cream is a one-piece Eva foam similar to the OG YZY Slides. They are dressed in an all-tonal look, finished in cream. Although these aren’t the exact twin of the YZY 450 sneaker, these still take a lot of inspiration from them. The top comes in a webbed look and splits into five appendages down to the midsole.

    The midsole boasts a similar shape to its predecessor. The distinctive design exaggerates the look as the appendages meet the sculpted midsole. The flat footbed offers immediate step-in comfort and is met with debossed adidas logo. While everything is a one-piece mold, the outsole has the same design as the 450 sneakers, including the wavy traction pattern.

    There is no news yet of who owns the IP for these, Ye does hold the design of the original slide, but also means it’s unclear if these will ever drop. See below and enjoy more detailed looks and let us know on our social media your thoughts on these. As soon as more info is available, we will update this article and social media.

    PHOTOS: solesbyzay
  • New 500 colorway emerges

    This Yeezy 500, while being multi-colored, it is far from some of the louder colors like Sumac or Enflame. They are reconstructed with an upper composed of suede, premium leather, and mesh with nubuck accents. The tone is a light tan with a faded yellow tint on this colorway. The mesh underlays are also tan but omit yellow.

    The mudguard sits above the midsole on the lateral side, providing support and scuff resistance while adding definition to the sneaker’s design. The 3M reflective piping around the mudguard and the place eyelets offer visibility in the dark.

    The 500 silhouette rides on an adiPRENE+ midsole in a tan finish. Even though the 500 doesn’t use BOOST™, this is still one of the most comfortable sneakers from the Yeezy brand. Comfort is due to the mix of premium materials for the upper along with the adiPRENE+ cushioning, which still gives a lot of response. A tan rubber outsole provides traction and stability, closing out the sneaker. Other details include oval laces and Ortholite insole.

    When will adidas drop the new 500?

    Look for these to launch in early 2023 from adidas on Confirmed and select retailers globally. No official images have loaded at this time. One thing to note is some early pairs do say Yeezy on the tag since they were previously produced before the split, so they will likely be changed on the pairs still in warehouses. The insoles and boxes will have to change as well.

    Photos: SneakercollectorVN

  • Adidas Staying True to Their Word, Will Drop Non-Yeezy Branded Colorways 2023

    As 2022 comes to a close, it looks like adidas is doubling down on releasing Yeezy’s without the Yeezy branding. Their first drop will be the 350 V2 Granite/ Core Black.

    Taking inspiration from the 2016 Yeezy 350 V2 era, his colorway features a grey upper with green hues throughout. The upper is composed of re-engineered Primeknit. While similar to the Slate/Core black released in September, these opt for a much darker look. A monofilament post-dyed stripe comes in core black with SPLY-350 branding in grey down the sneaker’s lateral side. The medial side boasts a monochromatic look making it hard to see any designs in the Primeknit.

    Rounding out the look is a dark grey semi-translucent midsole wrapped around a full-length drop in BOOST™ technology, with a matching outsole. The 350 V2 is also made with 50% recycled materials. Other details are standard lace eyelets and conventional tonal round laces, and this colorway omits the pull tab.

    Will adidas Actually Release Non-Yeezy Branded Models?

    These were initially supposed to launch in December, but it looks like adidas plans for these to be their frost drop after the split with Ye. As you can see in the official image, the look has changed to how adidas does images of all their sneakers. The kids and infant sizes haven’t loaded, nor have any other model that was supposed to release this in 2022.

    Expect to see these launch in January 2023 in Full Family Sizing; retail will be $230, $160 & $140. They will release on Confirmed and select retailers. Stay tuned for more updates as more information becomes available.

    350 V2 Granite/Core Black
    Release: January
    Full Family Sizing

    Retail:$230 $160 $140
  • Ye And Kim Kardashian Finalize Divorce

    The divorce between Ye and Kim Kardashian is now final. Ye and Kim split up in February 2021 when she originally submitted a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. She then asked a judge to legally terminate her marital status in December 2021 so that they could formally dissolve her marriage and decide custody of the couple’s four children and other issues separately.

    Image via Entertainment Weekly

    In 2014, the pair wed in an extravagant ceremony in Italy. After being married for nearly 7 years, Kim was formally proclaimed single in March 2022 after having her marital status change approved. Ye and Kim have reached an agreement about child custody and property to complete their divorce.

    The former couple will share physical and legal custody of their four children according to divorce papers. Ye will have to give Kim $200,000 in child support due at the first of each month. In addition, he will be liable for covering half of the children’s security, medical, and educational costs. They both waived spousal support.

    The couple also decided to use mediation to resolve disagreements involving the kids. However, if either party declines to participate, the other is free to resolve a disagreement by default. The couple’s property and other assets will be distributed in accordance with their prenuptial agreement.

  • First Look: New YZY 700 V4 Sample In Black

    Ever since the Yeezy/adidas split people have wondered what would be next for adidas as far as releases, since they clearly are planning to release more Yeezy designs. Well we still don’t have any news on what’s next for them, but here is some info on a Yeezy model that didn’t make it to release.

    Instagram account @fuel_backdoor has the first public look at a new YZY 700 V4 sample. This model was already in development for YEEZY, and has been in development since beginning of 2022. To clarify this is NOT a brand new model that adidas just created in the past month after the October 25th split with Ye. That don’t mean adidas won’t still drop these if they are able to, as they weren’t released. UPDATE: 11.28.22. Yes the tag says 700 V3, but sources close to Yeezy have informed us these were suppose to end up being called the 700 V4 when they released, but since Ye & adidas split, it’s up in their air what adidas will do with the model now.

    The YZY 700 V4 borrows its general shape and design cues from the original 700 V3, but unlike a typical sneaker, it doesn’t have a separate midsole, upper, or sockliner. The slip-on is constructed from an EVA foam material, with the upper cage and soles being one piece. It functions kind of as a laceless version of the V3, and is equipped with an integrated neoprene sockliner fused to the foam upper. Then 700 V4 still features the blue polyurethane cushioning from the OG 700 V3 inside instead of Boost.

    Top angle from @iamricosuave

    If you was wondering why Ye made such a big deal about the adiFOM Q, and continually said adidas was stealing his designs. This version of the 700 has been in the works long before the adifom Q had started development. At this point since it wasn’t a model that actually released, we don’t know if adidas has plans to drop these, or if they will even be able to.

    A few months back we seen more sample colorways that feature the same upper pattern underneath the “cage” similar to what we see on the OG 700 V3 model. Unfortunately we are not allowed to share any of those images. Which I have to say looks better than the solid panels on the sample pictured. Some of the samples we seen weren’t just plain colorways either. They were finished with vivid colors, with some Mx versions as well. Staying away from the plain Earth tones you would expect. This model definitely has potential, eventhough this sample don’t really reflect that.

  • Ye Announces Plans To Run For President 2024 And Making Apparel For $20

    In a video caught by x17online recently, after giving the cameraman a coat that had just been made, Ye invited him in his design studio where he actually got on to the cameraman for calling him Kanye, but then said in a joking manner it’ll take time for us to update. He then declared his intention to run for President in 2024, saying in part, “We’re moving toward the future.” Ye announced he is working on his campaign with Milo Yiannopoulos, who interned for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Ye is seen in the clip saying, “This is Milo right here, working on the campaign.” In the twelve states where Ye was on the ballot in the 2020 election, he received about 70,000 votes as an independent candidate. He had requested to be entered as a write-in candidate elsewhere.

    The two then enter Ye’s offices, where he displays a variety of “YE24” merchandise, including sweatshirts and sweatpants, all of which he says will cost just $20. Ye said he is repurposing stuff he did for YEEZY, Gap, Balenciaga, & Adidas to make new apparel. He also said “We need to make sure that everyone can receive the same level of cuts, the same level of food, the same level of water, the same level of education…we’re getting past the past. We’re focused on the future.”

    He went on to say: “This is the update. We are the update. That’s all we need to do. As a species, we need to update together. Everything’s been so divisive. Think about when they say ‘diversity’; people look at that like it’s a good thing, but we’re the United States of America. We’re a universe. We’re a university. We’re a republic.”

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  • The History Of The Yeezy Boost 350

    Ye worked with many sneaker manufacturers prior to adidas, albeit they weren’t doing any significant collaborations with non-athletes at the time like they are now. Thus, a significant portion of his early work was never released and remained PE’s or samples. Ye has always had a passion for sneakers and was keen to make a reputation for himself in the fashion industry. He occasionally collaborated with Reebok, NIKE (even before the Air Yeezy’s), Bapesta, and Louis Vuitton, most often with the designs centered around his albums at the time. Today though, we’re here to talk about the Yeezy Boost 350 in all versions.

    Ye and adidas connected after he left Nike due lack of creative control and not getting royalties for the sneakers he designed. This was at a place in life where his girlfriend at the time was pregnant with his first child North, and wanted to make sure he was doing deals that would secure his kids future. Adidas publicly announced this iconic relationship on December 3, 2013, a deal that would also help to reposition the brand.

    The Yeezy Boost 350 is the most successful silhouette that has come from the adidas and Yeezy partnership, which became a sneaker that defined a decade. At the time the Turtle Dove released, Nike basketball was still a thing, sneakerheads were buying basketball shoes for fashion more than playing ball in, but what made the 350 stand out and so popular? Well, there’s number of different reasons. Of course, Ye’s prominence as an icon contributes significantly to the 350’s popularity. However, the 350’s design adaptability has contributed to its unique status. The utilization of adidas’ primeknit and Boost was totally new, and done away with the bulkiness of basketball sneakers. The sock-like upper hugs your foot while the Boost technology has you walking on clouds.

    The Sneaker Game Changes Forever With The Launch Of The Yeezy Boost 350

    After the success of their first sneaker together, the Yeezy Boost 750. Yeezy and adidas released the Yeezy Boost 350 Turtle Dove on June 27th, 2015. The new silhouette changed the look of sneakers forever. First unveiled at New York fashion week, the sneaker was the talk of the show. They Nicknamed the new silhouette “Roshe Killer” after Nike’s newest hit sneaker at the time since they released a few models with colorways inspired by his previous Air Yeezy, which was a dig at him because they knew he wouldn’t be getting any royalties from it. The sock-like sneaker trend was born, and Ye was leading the way.

    Yeezy Boost 350
    -Turtle Dove: June 27th, 2015
    -Retail: $220

    The Second 350 Releasesu Becoming Arguably The Most Popular

    Just a couple months after the Turtle Dove release the Pirate Black made its retail debut. This sneaker was also first seen at New York fashion week and had fans talking about them ever since, as some argue that the Pirate Black version of the Yeezy Boost 350 is the most well-liked colorway of the model. This edition of the 350, which was launched on August 22nd, 2015. It’s distinguished by its textured jet black and charcoal upper and features a green suede side patch and red accents on the heel tab. As a result, the sneaker perfectly balances comfort and style as this colorway can be worn on any occasion.

    Yeezy Boost 350 
    -Pirate Black: 8.22.15
    -Retail: $200

    Yeezy Adds Two More Colorways To The 350 Lineup

    Yeezy and adidas would go on to release two more colorways in 2015 of the original Yeezy Boost 350, starting with the Moonrock colorway on November 14th 2015. They feature a moonrock/agate grey Primeknit upper, moonrock Boost outsole and suede medial side patch. They were only available at retailers carrying Yeezy Season 1 clothing. At the MTV VMAs in August 2015, Kanye debuted the fourth colorway of the Yeezy Boost 350. The Oxford Tan has a suede medial side patch, oxford/light stone Primeknit upper, tonal laces, and a tan Boost outsole. This ended the year out and was the last new colorway of the 350 to ever release. They launched on December 29th, 2015.

    Yeezy Boost 350 
    -Moonrock: 11.14.15
    -Oxford Tan: 12.29.15
    -Retail: $220

    Yeezy’s First Restocked Sneaker

    Pirate Black was the first Yeezy to ever restock, but as you will see later in this article the model has always been a work in progress, even through the V2 as they were always improving on the model. This restock seen all the same design elements as the first drop, but included more padding in the heel adding to the comfort. A Turtle Dove sample was also made the same way, but was never restocked until years later with no new updates.

    Yeezy Boost 350 
    -Pirate Black: 2.19.16
    -Retail: $200

    Yeezy Releases 350’s For Infants

    The Yeezy Boost 350 Infant Turtle Dove was introduced on August 24, 2016, along with the Yeezy Boost 350 Infant Pirate Black 2016 colorway. It launched in infant sizes ranging from 5 to 10, and is an exact duplicate of the adult model.

    Yeezy Boost 350 Infants
    -Turtle Dove: 8.27.16
    -Pirate Black: 8.27.16
    -Retail: $130

    Yeezy’s First Cleated Sneaker

    The Yeezy 350 the cleated shoe first appeared during the 2016 NFL Kickoff. With Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry, who all wore a Turtle Dove 350 cleat. On September 15th, 2016 an official release went down selling for a $250 retail. While they do look cool, the cleats themselves are more than just a pair of Primeknit Yeezys with cleats on the bottom. The pair’s SPRINTSKIN-layered Yeezy Primeknit upper would allow them to withstand the demands of a tough game thanks to its 5-Star Frame. Well these weren’t a huge hit among sneaker heads and were also banned from the NFL due to the colorway, Yeezy and adidas never released anymore cleats, but had plans to do so in the near future, which won’t happen now due to recent events.

    Yeezy 350 Cleat
    -Turtle Dove: 9.15.16
    -Retail: $250

    What Was The First Yeezy Boost 350 V2?

    Next up, we have the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga. During the Yeezy Season 3 presentation at Madison Square, which ended up being a fashion show and a listening party for Ye’s new “Life of Pablo” album. We finally got our first look at the the Yeezy 350 version 2 as they were worn by models in the show. The Beluga would later release September 24th, 2016 and would become another Yeezy that would change the sneaker game forever. The version 2 basically took everything they wanted to improve on the V1 and added it to the V2, completely changing the look while staying true to its roots. The Beluga came with a new re-engineered Primeknit that felt more premium and really hugs your foot. The upper took on a whole new design within the knit starting with a grey base, with wavy darker grey lines knitted throughout. A streak of solar red, sporting “SPLY-350” in grey, which would later become an iconic part of the 350 V2 aesthetic. The lacing system takes inspiration its predecessor and features grey round laces with a darker grey design all over. The upper is mated to TPU sides and a semi-translucent rubber outsole producing a stunning appearance while enhancing traction. This also got rid of the painted soles and keeps the sneaker looking fresh longer. Lastly adidas’ Boost technology sits full length inside the midsole, this time a little thicker making these the most comfortable sneakers at the time and retailed for $220.

    Yeezy 350 V2 
    -StlGrey/Beluga/SolarRed: 9.24.16
    -Retail: $220

    What Updates Did The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Go Through?

    As we walk you through this portion of the 350 V2 journey. We won’t spend too much time describing in detail each and every colorway because it would get monotonous, but we will walk you through all the changes this sneaker has undergone over time.

    The Zebra Era

    The Yeezy team began modifying the 350 V2 as soon as the Beluga was released. The Black Friday pack, which was the following release, came in Solar Red, Copper, and Green with a black foundation. The “SPLY-350” stripe was still present, but this time it was straighter and extended close to the end of the toebox. Since they are more streamlined than Beluga, they have a somewhat distinct shape. These were modified from the original 350 V2 and still had the wavy knit patterns throughout, but they did it in a different way. You really had to hunt for the designs in order to see them because the shoes were completely black. Some of the colorways in this era feature a pull tab, while some are tonal where you can’t even see the stripe on the lateral side. Later referred to as the Zebra edition, this upgrade had a total of 12 colorways. You’re probably thinking that some of these don’t even remotely resemble the Zebra. This style is referred to this only because it has the same pattern woven into the Primeknit as the Zebra. even if it has a tonal upper like the Cream or an all-black upper with just a stripe like the Oreo.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2
    -CBlack/ Red: 11.23.16
    -CBlack/Green: 11.23.16
    -CBlack/Copper: 11.23.16
    -CBlack/CBlack/Red: 2.11.16
    -CBlack/CBlack/Red Infant: 2.11.16
    -White/CBlack/Red (Zebra): 2.25.17
    -Cream White: 4.29.17
    -Cream White Infant: 4.29.17
    -Sefrye/RawSteel/Red: 11.18.17
    -Grey/BoldOrange/DarkSolidGrey: 11.25.17
    -BlueTint/GreyThree/HiResRed: 12:16:17
    -Butter/Butter/Butter: 6.30.18
    -Retail: $220

    Cursive Branding “SPLY-350”

    Only the Sesame colorway received this update in the end. On these, the “SPLY-350” is written in cursive and begins to descend toward the midsole. The rest of the tonal upper has a slightly altered design woven in and has a pull tab, which are the only modifications. According to reports, this was going to be the brand’s next step, bringing color schemes with contrasting stripe colors and the cursive branding. This was abandoned since see-through shoes were becoming more and more popular at the time. It was decided that moving in that path rather than these was preferable after seeing the Static 350 V2 samples. We added an image of a sample where you can see the writing since the Sesame you can barley see it.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2 
    -Sesame: 11.2.19
    -Retail: $200

    What Was The Yeezy Boost 350 V2’s First Total Upper Redesign?

    After the model took off in 2016 & 2017 with about 14 colorways launched thus far. It was safe to say the 350 V2 was an instant classic. At this point consumers speculated we would finally see a 350 V3 to replace the V2, but The Yeezy team had different plans. This brings us to the “Static era which ended up being 54 more colorways with different variations of the “Static” design along the way. This was a time where Yeezy and adidas wanted to drop a bunch of pairs on each launch, but still wanted to have the sense of scarcity so the market wouldn’t seem “flooded”. They ended up launching 2 pairs of the same colorway for most drops during this era. One would be the regular colorway, while they’d release another version, usually via shock drop the day before in a reflective variant. Also during this time they released alot of the regular colorways in full family sizing, and featured their first 2 regional releases. One being the Hyperspace (Asia Pacific), True form (Europe), and Clay (North America). The Clay was the first Yeezy to launch in full family sizing, where we had seen Adult and Infant sizes before. These brought Adult, Kids, and Infants. After that first Regional release Yeezy launched it’s first ever full Glow 350 V2, activated by UV light, this was one of the most hyped 350’s during this era, which also released in full family sizing. The second regional release featured the Synth (Asia Pacific), Antlia (Europe), and Lundmark (North America) including each color’s reflective variant as well. Another mention during December 2019 Yeezy launched its second full Glow 350 V2 in the Yeezreel Glow Reflective, which was also mixed with a fully 3M upper. While the original Glow had an all tonal upper, these had black 3M threads weaved throughout making up the “Static” design. These ended up not being that popular amongst consumers. Lastly some of the later reflective versions in this era only featured sections that had 3M materials, which consisted of the Cloud White RF, Citrin RF, and Yecheil RF.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2
    -Static RF: 12.16.18
    -Static NR: 12.27.18
    -Hyperspace: 3.16.19
    -True Form: 3.16.19
    -Clay: 3.30.19
    -Glow: 5.25.19
    -Black RF: 6.6.19
    -Black NR: 6.7.19
    -Antlia RF: 6.21.19
    -Synth RF: 6.21.19
    -Antlia NR: 6.22.19
    -Synth NR: 6.22.19
    -Lundmark RF: 7.11.19
    -Lundmark NR: 7.13.19
    -Cloud White RF: 9.19.19
    -Cloud White NR: 9.20.19
    -Citrin RF: 9.22.19
    -Citrin NR: 9.23.19
    -Yeezreel NR: 12.14.19
    -Yeezreel Glow RF: 12.17.19
    -Yecheil RF: 12.19.20
    -Yecheil NR: 12.29.20
    -Yeshaya RF: 1.24.20
    -Yeshaya NR: 1.25.20
    -Retail: $220

    Another Update To The Yeezy Boost 350 V2

    Between the several 350s in the “Static” design, Yeezy would go on to release various one-offs with unique variations. Even though they produced a large number of 350s, they at least made an effort to occasionally update the design. A 3M stripe was woven into the mustard yellow upper of the Marsh colorway, except it wasn’t transparent this time. Additionally, the recognizable center stitching was eliminated in favor of a flush center stitch on this version. Other features include a yellow semi-translucent midsole, full length Boost technology, traditional round laces to match the upper, and burnt orange sockliner. The midsole and outsole are typical of previous 350s. Later they would release a couple more with this same build, but they never did so in succession.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2
    -Marsh: 2.1.20
    -Retail: $220

    Yeezy’s Third Regional Release

    Yeezy immediately returned to the “Static” style upper on a third Regional release on February, 22nd 2020 with three sneakers dropping the same day. They debuted Earth in North America, Tail Light in Europe, and Flax in Asia Pacific. With the exception of the Flax, which had subtle purple accents all over, the uppers of all of these had a tonal “Static” design weaved into them. Pull tabs and translucent stripes were shared by all three.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2
    -Earth: 2.22.20
    -Tail Light: 2.22.20
    -Flax: 2.22.20
    -Retail: $220

    Back To The 3M Stripe, Plus More One Offs

    We had a few more one-off releases that were consistent with the Marsh colorway as the model developed. The Desert Sage, which featured the same construction as the Marsh, but in a Sage green upper with a bright orange sockliner and 3M Stripe. They launched next in full family sizing. Following these, we would witness the Cinder launch, which adopted the Earth colorway’s appearance and returned us to the “Static” era. Although more opaque than most, these would also have the translucent stripe. The opaque midsole and gum outsole went well with the charcoal black upper. These had a double stitch up the center which we hadn’t seen before on the 350 V2, this took place of the typical distinctive center stitching. Then, Yeezy introduced the Cinder Reflective. These sneakers shared the Cinder Non Reflective’s tonal upper and center stitch, but featured a reflective stripe in the same manner as the Marsh colorway. Then came the Linen colorway, which featured a tonal pale yellow upper and faded blue sockliner. Due to the color scheme and reflective stripe, these were very popular with girls. The Sulfur colorway was the last in this group to launch. These share the same center stitching, tonal static upper, and gum outsole as the Cinder, however came in a green hue. These resemble the Dark Green 350 that was teased in the Yeezy Season 4 fashion show.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2
    -Desert Sage: 3.14.20
    -Cinder NR: 3.21.20
    -Cinder RF: 4.4.20
    -Linen: 4.18.20
    -Sulfur: 5.9.20
    -Retail: $220

    Another New Upper?

    The upper for these is the subject of another 350 V2 modification. The soles hardly ever change other than in color, as you have already observed throughout this article. Instead to the precisely formed designs seen in previous colorways, the Zyon and Israfil sported a new static styled upper that appeared more gritty, almost as though it had been drawn on by hand. The Zyon had an upper made entirely of cream with brown accents all around and a brown stripe. The basis of the Israfil is blue jean-like, then cream designs are layered on top. This colorway went for more color and actually had a yellow stripe. Both did not choose to feature a pull tab.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2
    -Zyon: 7.18.20
    -Israfil: 8.29.20
    -Retail: $220

    Subtle Changes to the Staic Design

    Now for another minor adjustment to the upper. This time, Yeezy went back to the “Static” design. As opposed to having a base color with the Static design weaved on top in a lighter color per usual. These all have various colored uppers with a constant variation across the board. A different color from the rest of the sneaker is featured on each the lateral side’s upper quadrants. The colorways for this set of 350s weren’t the most well-liked ones to have ever released.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2
    -Carbon: 10.2.22
    -Natural: 10.24.22
    -Fade: 11.11.22
    -Sand Taupe: 12.19.20
    -Ash Stone: 2.27.21
    -Ash Blue: 2.27.21
    -Ash Pearl: 3.20.21
    -Retail: $220

    The First Complete Upper Change In A Long Time

    The Mono Pack is now our next topic. When we first leaked these, it felt like there was a lot of buzz surrounding them, but by the time they were released, that wasn’t the case. Going from a Primeknit upper to a monofilament upper required a total makeover. Since the entire shoe became transparent as a result, Yeezy created a new fused cage inside to at least slightly maintain the contour of the sneakers. Since it could be seen through the upper, the cage also served as a visual design feature, enhancing the look. Although the shape just kind of ended up looking terrible after being worn, and the monofilament wasn’t the most comfortable. Once more, they were gaining popularity at first, but by the time they were released, nobody seemed to care.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2
    -Mono Ice: 6.18.21
    -Mono Clay: 6.18.21
    -Mono Mist: 7.18.21
    -Mono Cinder: 6.24.21
    -Retail: $220

    Color Changing Upper, Plus A New Primeknit Design

    The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Light debuted in August and turned out to be another one-of-a-kind sneaker. The upper was made entirely of cream white primeknit, with a white stripe and a barely perceptible yellow pull tab. These had a UV-reactive top that changed color when exposed to light. They changed from white to a pink and yellow combination. Then the transparent stripe would become a vivid orange. It would have been wonderful to see additional colors drop like these as they appeared to be rather exciting when they first came out. October brought the Mx Oat colorway and would be the next modification of the model. They had a base color of pale yellow with an assortment of blue, brown, orange, and grey hues mixed all over. This upper was a mix of Primeknit with abstract designs mixed in monofilament thread. The same material was used for the yellow laces as well. Confetti birthday cake would be the best way to describe the design of these.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2
    -Light: 8.28.21
    -Mx Oat: 10.23.21

    A Whole New Model

    The YZY 350 V2 CMPCT Slate Blue, the result of the subsequent 350 V2 upgrade, is an entirely new model while keeping the 350 V2 name and roots. The CMPCT borrows design cues from several Yeezy shoes while maintaining a similar 350-like form. Vertical lines in the upper, which are modeled after the KNIT BSKTBL, change to horizontal over the lower midfoot area. Above it, an abstract gray and blue color scheme takes over the design. The 450 inspired integrated lacing system comes with blue infinity laces. They feature a sock-liner, which is totally different from the 350 V2. The sock-liner, which takes design cues from the 450 and elements of the 350 is shaped more like a sock incorporating stripes in a mix of blue shades. The midsole comes in a brown but is still your typical 350 V2 sole.

    Yeezy 350 V2 CMPCT
    -Slate Blue: 12.6.21
    -Retail: $230

    Taking It Back To The Beginning

    Now we are back to where the V2 began with the Beluga Reflective. With just one exception, this colorway and the original are perfect duplicates. A 3M reflective upper is included this time for the Beluga RF. The dark grey lines in the upper is weaved with dark 3M threads that appear identical to the original, until it’s hit with a flash. This was definitely a good way to bring the Beluga back. At this point in the 350 history we have returned to another Mx colorway as well. The Mx Rock’s upper design is exactly the same as the Mx Oat’s, but it has a much nicer color scheme. They have a base color of black with a mix of 3M, gray, and light and dark brown weaved into the upper. The look is completed with a pull tab and a black sole.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2
    -Beluga RF: 12.18.21
    -Mx Rock: 12.22.21
    -Retail: $240 & $220

    Another Red October?

    The second colorway of 350 V2 CMPCT brings us adidas and Yeezy’s first sneaker in an all red colorway (not Foam Rnr). The Slate Red features all the same design elements mentioned above for the OG CMPCT, with these featuring an all red upper with a mix of brown to make up the abstract designs. Your typical 350 V2 sole also comes in all red to make these the Red October for adidas Yeezy’s.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2 CMPCT
    -Slate Red: 2.17.22
    -Retail: $230

    Digging Into the Vault Once Again

    We are finally getting down to to end of an era as we are getting closer to the end of 2022. The Dazzling Blue dug into the vault again and kinda made a hybrid of the Beluga and Black Friday pack. They come with an all black upper with blue SPLY-350 stripe. The shape leans more toward the Beluga style along with the stripe curving in at the toe versus strait. They dropped in full family sizing.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2
    -Dazzling Blue: 2.26.22
    -Retail: $230

    Previous Sample Becomes A Retail Release

    Now, in March 2022, we saw what had previously been a leaked sample a couple years ago in the Bone colorway. These shoes have the same style upper as the Zyon and Israfil, but in a tonal bright white. They also include a matching monofilament stripe. Lastly, these include the pull tab once more, which is a favorite among Yeezy supporters.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2
    -Bone: 3.18.22
    -Retail: $230

    A More Neutral CMPCT Releases

    Once again same design and build as the previous colorways, but these are the first to drop that isn’t such a loud colorway or odd color on the midsole. The CMPCT Slate Carbon comes in a dark navy blue upper and soles. Light tan threads make up the abstract designs and pinstripes. Still at this time the CMPCT still hasn’t really taken off, but the model has been regarded as the most comfortable Yeezy since its release.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2 CMPCT
    -Slate Carbon: 6.4.22
    -Retail: $230

    Winding Down To The Last 350s To Ever Drop

    The Onyx finally dropped after being leaked for 8 months. Unfortunately these dealt with many delays. This is the exact same as the Bone mentioned earlier but in black. We haven’t really mentioned restocks in this, but we do have one to mention. On Yeezy day adidas did a big thing with kid’s releases. This brought us for the first time the Static, Mx Rock, and Red Stripe colorways which dropped in kids and infant sizes, the adult sizes in all these colors didn’t release on Yeezy Day, except for the Red Stripe. An honorable mention for YeezyDay releases, we seen the Yeezy Boost 350 Turtle Dove receive it’s first ever restock as well. Going back into the vault, the Slate/Core Black dropped in full family sizing in September. They feature same style upper as Dazzling Blue complete with an all beige upper and soles with black SPLY-350 stripe.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2
    -Onyx: 6.20.22
    -Static Kids: 8:2:22
    -Mx Rock Kids: 8.2.22
    -CBlack/Red Full Family: 8.2.22

    -Turtle Dove: 8.2.22
    -Slate/CBlack: 9.3.22

    -Retail: $230 $160 $140

    The Final CMPCT Release

    The Slate Bone colorway of the CMPCT was the most recent to release. The construction is identical to that of the previous colorways, except the top is bright white with knitted-in grey overlays with sole also in white. The 350 V2 CMPCT model received some much-needed life thanks to this colorway, which drew significant hype as its release date approached. Sadly, this is the final colorway to release in this model, at least with the Yeezy label.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2 CMPCT
    -Slate Bone: 10.15.22

    The End Of An Era

    The last 350 V2 and last adidas/Yeezy to ever drop brings us to the Salt/CBlack. This Yeezy Boost 350 V2 comes in the same style as the Slate & Dazzling Blue. They feature a jade ash upper with black SPLY-350 stripe that goes down the lateral side. The sole comes in the same finish as the rest of the upper.

    Yeezy Boost 350 V2
    -Salt/CBlack: 10.22.22
    -Retail: $230

    That’s it for the complete history of the Yeezy Boost 350. Only time will tell what’s next for Ye. Hopefully he brings us some news on what he has planned, but we gotta remember some sneakers take a couple years to develop and we still don’t know if any of these newer models he was working on will all stay at adidas except for the slides. Or if Ye will be able to at least get something that wasn’t fully developed, but maybe close enough where he can focus on dropping something versus designing something. As soon as some news hits the streets, we will be here to give you the updates. Make sure to stay locked to all our social media channels below so you know when we post more sneaker content.

  • Donda Sports Yeezy Season Announcement?

    Today via Antonio Brown’s Snapchat he shared a screenshot of a group chat between himself, Ye, Justin Laboy, Matt George, among others. Within the Snapchat post shares another screenshot showing part of a conversation stating “Sports Illustrated says yes.” Which was replied to with “Best body loading Donda Sports Yeezy Season🆙⬆️💥💥💥💥 .” The screenshot inside the chat appears to be from Ye, who also states everyone he has together in the text message. He then goes on to say “Let’s figure out our partnership today, and announce 2mrw.” You can feel the excitement from the post with Justin Laboy chiming in “Let’s make history🕊️🕊️.” Lastly Antonio Brown, President of Donda Sports added “Praise God!!!

    Now as cool as all this sounds we aren’t really left with much on what their exact plans are. Donda Sports Yeezy Season could mean a number of things. This could range from a Donda Sports inspired Yeezy Season collection, Ye also still hasn’t released the YZY SHDS that everyone has been talking about since the first instagram campaign a couple months ago. It could even be an announcements about each Donda Sports and Yeezy Season separately. One thing is for sure, it’s nice to at least see something is happening behind the scenes, as the Yeezy community has been on the edge of their seats waiting to see what’s next for Ye and his Yeezy brand.

    We now can only wait until tomorrow and see what kind of an announcement they do have in store. Turn on our notifications and we will update this article as soon as they come out with this expected announcement, not matter how big or small it might be.

  • US Factory Has To Layoff Majority Of Workforce Due to Ye/Adidas Split

    After Yeezy shoe production ceased, Okabashi Brands, an adidas partner and shoe firm with headquarters in Georgia, revealed Friday that it had laid off 142 employees.

    YZY Foam Rnr Ararat

    Ye is the creator of the Yeezy sneaker line. Adidas severed ties with Ye, following his social media posts and public appearances. As a result, payments to him and his businesses have also ceased, as have Yeezy sneaker sales and production.

    It is abundantly evident that Okabashi and adidas both oppose the negativity seen from Ye as of late. Okabashi expressed support for adidas‘ decision to end the cooperation with him, but expressed regret about the employment losses that would occur, as this necessitates the suspension of Okabashi’s present adidas production. Okabashi said In a statement, “adidas clearly does not tolerate hate speech and Okabashi also stands for these values. Unfortunately, this means Okabashi has to stop its current production for adidas. As of right now there are not enough orders to keep all employees busy with work.”

    Colorways made by Okabashi (1 unreleased)

    Two thirds of the workforce at Okabashi are now laid-off. Since April 2020, the company’s Georgia facility has served as a manufacturing partner of the adidas Yeezy FOAM RNR. The facility, which started in 1984 and is one of the 1% of shoe makers still established in the US, are now down to only 58 employees. Long-term health insurance and severance pay will be provided to those who are laid off. Okabashi also said (they are)”coordinating with local government agencies and manufacturers to provide support and alternative employment opportunities for the impacted team members.”

    It’s awful that all of this is affecting jobs. Ye and adidas are currently in mediation; it would be wonderful if both parties could come to an agreement because it affects more than just Ye and adidas. Given that most of this was established prior to the social media eruptions, it just doesn’t seem like either side is willing to concede anything. Turn notifications on for all our social media channels for the latest information on Yeezy news and upcoming sneaker releases.

  • Adidas Has Terminated Its Contract With Ye

    Adidas declared on Tuesday morning that it had immediately ended its contract with Ye and will cease operations for the adidas YEEZY brand with immediate effect, in a press release. The German sportswear giant said they’ve had enough. The brand is formally cutting relations with Ye with immediate effect after a slew inappropriate actions from the rapper and designer.

    “Ye’s recent comments and actions have been unacceptable, hateful, and dangerous, and they violate the company’s values of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and fairness,” the company said in a press release Tuesday October 25th. More information will be given as part of the company’s upcoming Q3 earnings announcement on November 9, 2022.

    Official Press Release from adidas

    The company’s net income for the current fiscal year would drop by as much as €250 million. adidas AG’s stock has dropped from almost €118 to €95 just in the last week. Since the beginning of 2020, The Three Stripes has experienced financial difficulties, which were made worse by its partnership with Kanye West.

    Keep notifications on as more info comes in about the situation we will keep you updated.

    UPDATE: 10.26.22 adidas has stated they will continue releasing Yeezy models at the beginning of 2023 without YEEZY branding.