After Yeezy shoe production ceased, Okabashi Brands, an adidas partner and shoe firm with headquarters in Georgia, revealed Friday that it had laid off 142 employees.

YZY Foam Rnr Ararat

Ye is the creator of the Yeezy sneaker line. Adidas severed ties with Ye, following his social media posts and public appearances. As a result, payments to him and his businesses have also ceased, as have Yeezy sneaker sales and production.

It is abundantly evident that Okabashi and adidas both oppose the negativity seen from Ye as of late. Okabashi expressed support for adidas‘ decision to end the cooperation with him, but expressed regret about the employment losses that would occur, as this necessitates the suspension of Okabashi’s present adidas production. Okabashi said In a statement, “adidas clearly does not tolerate hate speech and Okabashi also stands for these values. Unfortunately, this means Okabashi has to stop its current production for adidas. As of right now there are not enough orders to keep all employees busy with work.”

Colorways made by Okabashi (1 unreleased)

Two thirds of the workforce at Okabashi are now laid-off. Since April 2020, the company’s Georgia facility has served as a manufacturing partner of the adidas Yeezy FOAM RNR. The facility, which started in 1984 and is one of the 1% of shoe makers still established in the US, are now down to only 58 employees. Long-term health insurance and severance pay will be provided to those who are laid off. Okabashi also said (they are)”coordinating with local government agencies and manufacturers to provide support and alternative employment opportunities for the impacted team members.”

It’s awful that all of this is affecting jobs. Ye and adidas are currently in mediation; it would be wonderful if both parties could come to an agreement because it affects more than just Ye and adidas. Given that most of this was established prior to the social media eruptions, it just doesn’t seem like either side is willing to concede anything. Turn notifications on for all our social media channels for the latest information on Yeezy news and upcoming sneaker releases.