With recent news of the Yeezy 500 Taupe Black and YZY Knit Rnr Fade Indigo launching back to back on October 17th & 18th, we now have another launch added to this month’s calendar. This will make for a total of 5 drops just for this week alone, with 13 drops overall in the month.

The reason this month has been so packed is due to the run over from September delays. September is an end of quarter month, making it one of the busiest months of the year on average. It looks like another restock is going down as well. The Yeezy 500 Granite will now launch in Australia on October 20th. The whole list of releases for this week, from October 17th to October 22nd, is provided below.

On October 17th. For the Yeezy 500 High Taupe Black we observed a queue drop on Confirmed, adidas app, Yeezy supply and a few retail locations. Even though they have been teased since last Spring, this is one of the many delayed sneakers that has finally gotten a release. It had a relatively modest drop, only dropping North America, Australia, and parts of Asia. Pairs are still available just about everywhere if you decide want these.


Next up, on October 18, the YZY Knit Rnr Fade Indigo will get an official release in North America, Australia, and Asia. The original release date was suppose to be on October 14, which was delayed, but it appears that some retailers missed the notice, and nonetheless dropped them anyways. In hindsight this was a good thing for the consumer which made purchasing easier. The Fade Indigo features a multi-color fade effect that is digitally printed and will fade with use. These will be another queue drop so if you’re trying to grab a pair, remember you will have to wait in line on adidas.


After back to back releases to start the week, we have a triple drop beginning on to October 20th. It looks like they decided to restock the Yeezy 500 Granite. This colorway quickly became very popular through out the community, and will likely be hard to get since these seem to be an Australia only launch. Unfortunately they are known for getting minimal stock. Something could change after tomorrow’s drop and they could be available in other countries. We will keep you posted of any changes or added regions if you are looking for a pair of these.


Right on the heels of the small 500 restock, we have a new YZY 450 colorway. The Stone Flax will launch on October 21st, adding to the growing catalogue of colorways for the model. These feature an all tonal minimalist look in a light tan, making this colorway very versatile. Be on the lookout for our where to buy post coming later this week, complete with all available raffles and online drops.


Ending the week out and the third day in a row of Yeezy releases brings us to the Yeezy 350 V2 Salt/Core Black. These will be basically everywhere, from Confirmed, YS, and Yeezy retailers globally. This colorway once again takes us back to 2016, with a Beluga style design complete with SPLY-350 inside the stripe. If you are going for these as always 350’s are Yeezy’s biggest seller and usually has more stock than most drops. Nevertheless it could still prove to not be an easy cop since the demand is quite high. We will have a where to buy article for these later this week to help increase your chances to grab for retail.

That should be it for week 3 of October drops. You never know they could add more, but I don’t even know where they would fit another release in. Stay tuned in to all our social media channels so you can be up to date on all upcoming Yeezy launches and news.