Whether you agree with Ye that adidas is making their own fake YEEZY Slides or not. There is no denying the amount of hype these have. With only 3 colorways dropping so far out of many, these are quickly becoming one of the most popular slides on the market today.

We first seen the Desert Sand, Magic Lime, and Magic lime/ Desert SandMx” initially drop in June, there’s already a plethora of colors coming up as well. Besides while YEEZY Slide resell is steadily going down due to all the restocks, some people can’t justify paying over $100 for a $70 slide. If you still haven’t managed to hit a pair of YEEZY Slides for retail yet, the Adilette 22 is a nice substitute. Or these might be the better of the 2 in your opinion. Either way both are a grey choice for summer wear, both have plenty of colorways/ drops planned

Adidas already has three more colorways announced in a grey, black, and black/grey colors. The grey and black colorways are exactly what they sound like. Both coming in a monochromatic look and featuring the same build we have seen from the released pairs from June. The black/grey colorway is another “Mx” color, featuring a mostly grey finish with black marbling mixed through the slide. As past has proven with sneakers in general these black and grey colorways will bring as much, if not more hype to the Adilette 22 as the first three colorways have.

I personally don’t agree with Ye that adidas is deliberately copying his design, as they are slides, and there is only so many shapes you can make them in the first place. Maybe adidas took some inspiration from the earth tones YEEZY is known for, but it looks like adidas is already moving away from that with these new sample colorways surfacing recently. The newest sample colorway comes in a mix of vibrant greens with black marbling throughout. This isn’t the only vibrant sample that has surfaced either. This along with the 3D pinted design make these one of a kind.

Next up another vibrant sample hit Instagram from account Future Basics. They recently posted an Azure blue Adilette 22 sample. This colorway features a mostly blue finish with a white marbled pattern throughout.

Lastly recently shared on Instagram by Sample_Kicks, another “Mx” colorway. This one consists of a mostly pink finish with with a black marbled pattern all over the slide. If these 2 colorways are a look at what adidas has planned for the Adilette 22 Slide, then we have a lot to get excited for coming later this year

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Green image via @woganwodeyang


Planned colorway images via @de.sneakerz