Today via Antonio Brown’s Snapchat he shared a screenshot of a group chat between himself, Ye, Justin Laboy, Matt George, among others. Within the Snapchat post shares another screenshot showing part of a conversation stating “Sports Illustrated says yes.” Which was replied to with “Best body loading Donda Sports Yeezy Season🆙⬆️💥💥💥💥 .” The screenshot inside the chat appears to be from Ye, who also states everyone he has together in the text message. He then goes on to say “Let’s figure out our partnership today, and announce 2mrw.” You can feel the excitement from the post with Justin Laboy chiming in “Let’s make history🕊️🕊️.” Lastly Antonio Brown, President of Donda Sports added “Praise God!!!

Now as cool as all this sounds we aren’t really left with much on what their exact plans are. Donda Sports Yeezy Season could mean a number of things. This could range from a Donda Sports inspired Yeezy Season collection, Ye also still hasn’t released the YZY SHDS that everyone has been talking about since the first instagram campaign a couple months ago. It could even be an announcements about each Donda Sports and Yeezy Season separately. One thing is for sure, it’s nice to at least see something is happening behind the scenes, as the Yeezy community has been on the edge of their seats waiting to see what’s next for Ye and his Yeezy brand.

We now can only wait until tomorrow and see what kind of an announcement they do have in store. Turn on our notifications and we will update this article as soon as they come out with this expected announcement, not matter how big or small it might be.