We have a first look at another unreleased YZY FOAM RNR colorway, thanks to our friends at Request Boutique CLT. This new colorway is anticipated to to launch later this year as long as Ye and Adidas go through with releasing already produced stock drone before the split. Foam footwear has dominated the sneaker industry thanks to the YZY FOAM RNR and YZY Slide. Today, you can see that every sneaker company is moving toward creating their own foam footwear designs, and these small fake fashion houses just blantly copying them. Here’s is the rundown on the newest YZY FOAM RNR colorway.

The YZY FOAM RNR Carbon comes in a mix of injected EVA foam and algae-harvested technologies in a similar color as the also unreleased Yzy Slide Granite. As far as FOAM RNRS this colorway while also similar to the Onyx, is a few shades lighter than the previously released color. This combination offers lightweight durability while while being environmentally friendly.

These shoes are the ideal footwear for any occasion because they are created in the same laceless, tongueless style that Ye had moved toward until the partnership abruptly ended in October with Adidas. The outsole’s design includes several indentions and a wave like traction pattern, and is a built-in component of the shoe, unlike most others. Under the heel, one of the indentations bears a faintly embossed adidas emblem. Further from the words “Foam Rnr” there is no other branding on the slip-on.

While multiple sources close to the Yeezy brand have informed us Ye and Adidas have reached an agreement to release already produced pairs. Neither brands have announced publicly that is the case. We can only keep our fingers crossed. For more upcoming Yeezy news and updates by keeping alerts turned on for all our social media channels below and let us know your opinions about the YZY FOAM RNRCarbon.