In October of 2022, Adidas shocked the world as they announced their split with Ye and his Yeezy brand, which ended up in a very public manner. In general, it is fairly clear why Adidas decided to discontinue working with Ye. To begin with, Kanye was the one who formally started the breakup. Then Ye took to social media with anti-Semitic outbursts during which he praised leaders such as Adolf Hitler. But some would argue Adidas only chose to terminate their contract after they started to get a ton of backlash online for not saying anything at all. Their only choice was to disassociate with Ye after that kind of conduct. As a result, Adidas management stated they owned the Yeezy catalog and could do whatever they wanted with it.

Unreleased Yzy Foam Rnr: Clay Taupe and Stone Salt

However, this left Adidas with unsold Yeezy shoes valued at $520 million. Adidas stated they can continue to market Yeezy designs even without the Yeezy logo, but the $520 million in stock in question still had Ye’s emblems. It was also very obvious that there would be a huge decline in consumer interest with Ye not tied to the brand. The brand was consequently trapped with the inventory, which led to rumors that the business would lose more than $1 billion in revenue this year. Adidas has therefore been frantically looking for methods to figure out how to move the already produced stock to recoup its prior investment. As a result, several extremely intriguing speculations have started to spread on social media.

After terminating the agreement, adidas said that the Yeezy brand will end while also shutting down the Yeezy Supply web store. The remaining Yeezy stock would subsequently be marketed under the adidas name, with no Yeezy markings on the designs, according to shareholder calls and meetings. Now, it’s alleged that an agreement has been reached between the two sides to sell the remaining inventory of Yeezy shoes. It’s looking like there will Not be any new Yeezy branded designs at this time. But Adidas plans to only sell current Yeezy designs that have already been produced. This news isn’t exactly what most Yeezy fans wanted, but if we aren’t getting new designs and colorways, this will have to do.

Unreleased Yzy Slides: Granite, Azure. Slate Grey

Only time will tell if either party want to even get back into an actual partnership again after both sides already took the gloves off since the October split. If they can come to an agreement to start making new designs again and a new contract they both can get behind, it will benefit both parties and especially the fans that have rode for Ye all these years.

Stay tuned for more details as this story unfolds, and check out images of unreleased heat that we can look forward to seeing drop sometime in 2023. This isn’t even close to the amount of models and colorways that have already been produced.

Unreleased Yeezy Models Expected in 2023

Yeezy 350’V2 Carbon Beluga

Yzy Foam Rnr: Charcoal and Clay Taupe

450 Slide: Cream

Yeezy 350 V2: Dark Salt

Yeezy 350 V2 Space Grey

Yzy Slide: Slate Grey

Yzy Slide: Azure

Yzy Slide: Granite

Yzy Foam Rnr: MX Azure

Yzy 350: Pirate Black

Yzy Foam Rnr: Flax

Yzy 450: Stone Teal