As popular as the YZY FOAM RNR has became since images first leaked of North West wearing them back in 2019. It seems when news or images show up of a new Mx Blue colorway, the community erupts with excitement as if YEEZY just answered all their sneaker wishes. There’s just something about a good MX colorway that just hits different, we have a look at the newest Mx Foam Rnr that will be hitting YEEZY retailers this year.

Thanks to our friends at Sole Priorities for the assist on this exclusive look. The Mx Blue Foam Rnr is made from a blend of injected EVA foam & algae making them one of the most versitle Yeezy models ever. This model known for pushing the foam footwear trend into the mainstream. They feature a mix of colors starting with a blend of grays, brown, and black focused mainly around the medial & lateral sides. That same marble pattern also extends to the heel area and down to the outsole. The top of the Foam Rnr, while still featuring the Mx look just not as heavily, comes with a light blue and gray pattern at the toe. As you move to the very top, the marble design fades out to a solid black color.

First in hand look via Sole Priorities

This colorway is constructed in the same laceless, tongueless design featuring strategic cutouts in the top and sides providing breathable comfort and air flow, making these perfect footwear for any occasion. The outsole design features a wavy traction pattern paired with indentions throughout. One of those indentions has small Adidas logo embossed under the heel. That’s is the only branding on the slip-on other than saying Foam Rnr inside.

Look for these to drop later this winter as they aren’t even on any calendars yet. For those that like the look of the Mx Carbon, but not the color choices, maybe this is the Foam Rnr you’ve been waiting for. Expect these to drop at your usual YEEZY retailers, Confirmed, and Yeezy Supply for $90 layer this year. Make sure to have notifications on for all our social medias to stay up to date on all things Yeezy.