Continuing from our last Blog regarding the YZY GAP saga. After Ye criticized his corporate partner publicly. His lawyers sent termination papers to the apparel company, accusing GAP of breaking the terms of their deal. It looks like Gap is in agreement with those terms.

In a memo that was sent to all GAP employees,“We wanted to address the headlines of today and the past several weeks related to Yeezy Gap. Simply put…… ok while we share a vision of bringing high-quality, trend-forward, utilitarian design to all people through unique omni experiences with Yeezy Gap, how we work together to deliver this vision is not aligned. And we are deciding to wind down the partnership” Mark Breitbard stated

This gets Ye out of his 10 year deal without having to fight it out in court, as both parties are walking away from each other. Something that doesn’t happen often. Gap will be able to sell any existing YZY GAP items online or in store as a Fall and holiday collection has already been in the works. After this next collection that will be it for the collaboration.

Other items that were loaded include Long Round Jacket $600, Round Jacket, $200, Round Jacket 2 $300, Blue Mock Neck Pullover $340, DRY BAG $200, and Padded Anorak $340. Obviously this isn’t the whole collection, before the spilt a source closely involved said, the new collection would be under $100. While the items that were posted early are mainly jackets which you’d expect to be over $100. With that in mind these prices still seem far off from the more affordable collection Ye had wanted to do with GAP. Expect to see the last collection coming later this Fall and/or holiday season.

The YZY SHDS will not be a part of that collection as Ye recently stated on Instagram “these are now YZYSHDS no more gap.” The past couple days if you typed in items from the upcoming collection, GAP already had some loaded, though when clicked you wouldn’t be able to purchase, instead you were taken to the YZYGAP website. The YZY SHDS were listed for $160 with no product photos, since they are no longer a YZY GAP product, that may not be the final price.

See below images the items that were on the site early. Excuse the low resolution, if you clicked the item it took you to YZY GAP, not the item selected. Be sure to have notifications on for all our social medias below to stay up to date on all things Yeezy.