Just because Ye has severed ties with Gap, and working through problems with adidas, that doesn’t mean he’s just waiting around to see what happens next. He’s already looking to expand his DONDA Sports brand. His company Mascotte Holdings, just recently filed for some new trademarks on 9-2-22.

Donda Academy Merch to Commemorating ‘Slam’ Cover

The recent filings include trademarks for DONDA Sports, Dove Sports, & DONDA Doves. While all three trademarks are for a big variety of items, it looks like Ye is ready to grow his DONDA Academy within the retail space. This comes right after talks of wanting to expand the Academy across the country.

Some of the trademark registrations are intended to cover things in the categories of all-purpose sports and athletic bags like beach, book, carry-on, duffel, gym, leather, shopping, and shoulder bags. While all three incluiu Uu ude trademark filings for apparel as well, by covering the categories of clothing and athletic apparel, namely, shirts, T-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeved shirts, uniforms, and under shirts and much more.

YE and DONDA Doves at recent photo shoot for Slam Magazine

More items that could soon bear the DONDA name and logo, as some filings are intended to cover the categories of sporting equipment like baseballs, footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, softballs, along with phone cases, blankets, flags, cup holders, printed posters, school supplies.

The trademark filing doesn’t end at clothing and sporting equipment, they also include athletic services like arranging, organizing, operating, and conducting athletic competitions, as well as charitable fundraising. When filing for a trademark the smart move is to include anything and everything that could one day possibly have your logo and brand name on it. So each filing lists a broad variety of items.

It’s safe to say with or without corporate backing, Ye is moving forward, not just in the fashion industry, but in the Ye industry. Pretty soon if you can wear, eat or drink out of, or learn in. Ye and DONDA Academy will have a place for you to do so.&

Here’s a link that includes every single item that was filed for, as it’s just too much to list all of them here. Make sure to keep it locked to yeezyinfluence to stay up to date on all things Yeezy.

Image via Slam Magazine