Just one day after a huge announcement that Ye has terminated his contract with Gap, another drop for Yeezy has now been moved to a later date. Delays started a couple months ago with the Resin getting moved from a July launch to September. Then a week before the September launch, we got word that the Resin and Bone Slides have now been moved to a placeholder date in December. It looks like slides aren’t the only drop to get this treatment either. Here’s the newest rundown on what’s next for Yeezy.

UPDATE: 9/21/22. The YZY Slides Resin will now launch on September 24th.

Friends close to the brand have told us, both Ye and adidas have been in talks for the last week. With adidas trying to find a way to continue this partnership. It appears the Yeezy 500 High Taupe Black has been delayed from it’s September 19th launch. With no new date available.

YEEZY 500 High Taupe Black gets delayed couple days before launch

UPDATE 9/21/22 The Slate Bone CMPCT has been moved to September 30th.

YZY 350 V2 CMPCT Slate Bone delayed until September 30th

With Ye being listed as the sole inventor/owner on the patent for the Yeezy Slide, it kinda made sense seeing them get delayed, since he owns 100% of the design, and hasn’t been happy with adidas. He could’ve delayed the launch to prove a point until him and adidas were on better terms. Now that the Taupe Black 500 has been delayed all of a sudden. Considering all other design patents for adidas Yeezy footwear are owned by adidas AG, it seems they could still drop those without his say so. It don’t make sense why the 500 Taupe black has now been moved. Unless, while they are trying to mend their broken partnership, they are delaying drops until each side works out their differences.

Ye started voicing his concerns about adidas publicly over the last month, claiming they are stealing his designs and colorways, and he also went on to say they have been restocking past colorways and models without his approval. This definitely isn’t far fetched considering 2022 has basically been the year of the restock. In the last week Ye has switched focus more towards his issues with Gap, which hopefully means him and adidas are getting closer to working things out.

Stay tuned as more unfolds we will keep you updated when new dates for the Slides and 500 High become available. Make sure to have our notifications on for all our socials, so you know every time we post about upcoming Yeezy Launches and News.