Ye has officially notified Gap that YEEZY is terminating his partnership with the apparel company. It’s time to move on from what could’ve been a great relationship, but things just aren’t working out behind the scenes. So it’s time for Ye to cut ties with the corporation.


Back in 2020 on “West day ever” Ye announced a partnership to develop a collection under the Yeezy Gap brand. It’s well known he hasn’t been happy with Gap since they haven’t complied on said agreement. They also haven’t involved him in meetings about their collaboration, and now Gap has released clothing with the same style and designs as the YGEBB collection.

On Thursday Ye’s lawyers sent a letter to Gap notifying them that YEEZY LLC, is terminating their arrangements, Yeezy said Gap failed to meet obligations in the agreement, including distributing YZY products to store locations by the end of 2021, and creating dedicated YZY GAP stores. “Yeezy notified Gap of its concerns in August and gave the company a contractually-designated 30 days to cure its breaches,Nicholas Gravante, a lawyer for Ye, told CNBC.

YEEZY LLC. Termination letter to Gap

It looks like the products that have already been made, Gap will still be able to sell through the items, The letter also stated this won’t affect the items that were made from the YGEBB collection. Just like his problems with adidas, the big corporation hasn’t moved forward in their own product lines, but yet they see what works for YEEZY, with his products sell out, even higher retail prices. Now you see items from Gap with the same designs from what was released in the YGEBB collab. While Gap has also tried to cut Ye out of the creative process, in a recent video Ye posted to Instagram, he said to Gap executives, “You have to really give me the position to be Ye and let me do what I’m thinking, or I have to do the thinking somewhere else.” Ye said in the video that’s has since been deleted.

From an Instagram post that was later deleted

(It’s) “time for me to go it alone.” Ye has recently stated. His lawyer also had this to say “Gap’s noncompliance with the agreement has been costly and that Ye will now promptly move forward to make up for lost time by opening Yeezy retail stores.” With the recent trademarks he has filed, we could be seeing YEEZY retail stores worldwide sooner rather than later. He has been buying factories in California in an effort to bring the manufacturing industry back to the U.S. A new collection under the YZY GAP banner is scheduled for this fall and holiday seasons. This collection is suppose all be under $100, a big difference from the recent YZY GAP ENGINEERED BY BALENCIAGA collection.

From a recent Interviw with CNBC

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An email sent to all Gap employees about YZY Gap collaboration status