Whatever happens between Yeezy vs adidas, this ongoing feud between the brands hasn’t steered Ye away from creating. Ye recently took to social media talking to Aaron Donald about upcoming YEEZY cleats for the DONDA SPORTS athlete.

YEEZY originally tried their hand at football cleats in the NFL back in 2016 with a cleat made after the YEEZY 350 Turtle Dove. The NFL stint was short lived when De Andre Hopkins wore a pair that Ye gifted him in a Week 1 victory against the Chicago Bears, then was fined $6,000 for wearing them. Von Miller and Dak Prescott both debuted a YEEZY 750 cleat later that year. A limited run released to the public in September & October 2016, which of course sold out immediately.

Six years after initially trying to make a name in the football world of footwear, Ye is ready to take another stab at it, starting with three-time defensive player of the year Aaron Donald. As seen in the Instagram reel, he talks about what tweaks need to be made for a design to work for him, stating what type of construction he would need, including thick materials incase he get stepped on, along with wider durable materials to accommodate for his toe problems ensuring he is able to perform at his best in them.

Ye later shared a photo of a prototype cleat that resembles the Scuba samples, which are basically give the comfort of a sock-like fit with durable materials, which actually will keep your foot locked in while and protected. The PROTO also has fused materials all over helping with lockdown. Could we see Aaron Donald in a pair of Yeezy Cleats during the 2022/2023 season? Let’s just hope this battle of the brands don’t ruin yet another project for Ye.

2016 Turtle Dove Cleats
2016 YEEZY 750 Cleats