The past few weeks we have seen the campain go viral for the YZY SHDS YR 3022 as part of Yeezy’s collaboration with GAP. This featured models, musicians, and influencers all promoting the new SHDS that are expected to drop sometime this year. This past week has also teased more items from the upcoming collection from YEEZY GAP Engineered By BALENCIAGA from the YEEZY Instagram account. It would appear things are going great, but are they?

Ye recently took to Instagram on August 30th to call out Gap for allegedly holding a meeting with out him. He posted a photo of a new multi colored version of the YR 3022 YZY SHDS, with the caption stating “Gap held a meeting about me without me” on Tuesday afternoon.

This comes just weeks after recently speaking out on his unhappiness with how adidas moved forward with YEEZY Day, plus restocking older models, along with new colorways without his approval.

Rumors have went around that GAP was expecting more from the collaboration as his higher price point products are selling out, but isn’t necessarily bringing people to GAP to buy their non-collaborative products as well. Only time will tell if that is the case, all we can do is hope everyone get on the same page, as we haven’t seen clothing from Ye other than merch since back in the YEEZY SEASON days.