It’s been just about a week since we revealed the newest YZY Slide, in the Azure colorway. It’s great to see that Yeezy is throwing in some more vivid colors, since as of now there is only the Glow green and Enlfame Orange. (Which for the record is the “ENFORA” colorway, as it’s short for ENFlame ORAnge. Sorry had to clear that up.) Back on topic, it seems like vibrant and brighter colors is one thing missing from the YZY Slide line. Even though we have the Azure coming soon, it makes you wonder why Flax is even a colorway that’s releasing. Don’t get me wrong they have a nice color to them, but they are the 8th brown slide to release in 3 years. I guess the more releases though, no matter the color, does at least give consumers that still haven’t hit for retail another chance.

The next Slide drop lands on August 22nd, with all colorways launching in full family sizing. The newest colorway is the Flax Slide. This comes in a darker brown finish with a copper tone throughout. It’s color kinda reminds me of a penny after it has started oxidizing slightly. The Flax Slide is your typical injected EVA foam construction, and will feature the new standard texturized feel.

It was heavily rumored that the Bone colorway could possibly launch on same day everywhere, but that’s not happening now. They are only releasing the Flax & Glow green colorway in Europe ONLY. With th being the only drop for US. This will be a single slide drop for US and select countries. Yeah it’s unusual, but not unheard of. The Resin will see its first updated launch in September after the Slate 350 V2. The Flax is now up on adidas by its self everywh nnere for raffle draw except for UK, which has the Flax, Green Glow, and Bone in select areas. Check our where to buy post for a complete list of raffles for the Flax colorway.

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