Going back to 2018 during one of Ye’s late night Twitter leaks he first revealed his first a line up of pastel 350s, 500s, and a new 700s. This was also first time the Static 350 V2 with see through stipe was revealed to the world. As part of this rare moment of Ye sharing possible future models and colorways, we were also shown a prototype YZY Slide in a Sapphire Blue.


Like most new YEEZY silhouettes, the slides were met with mixed opinions. Twitter erupted from peoople loving them, to people calling them “Jail slippers. ” People saying this is the future of footwear, while others said they looked like fruit snacks. Whether your first impression was good or bad, Ye definitely had people talking about this new slide. The model quickly went from prototype to release by December 2019. While the slide grew in popularity using earth toned colorways for the most part. The community has been asking for more bright/loud colorways, and it looks like YEEZY is making it happen.

The YZY Slide Azure comes in a bright blue finish. Although reminiscent of the first prototype, these are a louder, more vivid take on the model. Manufactured from an injection molded EVA foam making the slide extremely lightweight and durable. The minimalist design features a soft top layer throughout, giving you endless comfort. Instead of a smooth EVA foam construction, the Azure features an monochromatic look with a new updated textural feel.

Branding is kept to a minimum on the YZY Slide with only an embossed adidas logo stamped onto the footbed at the heel. Underfoot the sandal’s outsole features a series of strategically placed V-shaped grooves for optimal flexibility and traction.

Look for these to drop this Fall for $70, on Confirmed, Yeezy Supply, & select retailers. At this time we don’t have confirmation if these will launch in full family sizing. Make sure to have notifications on for all our social medias below, so you can stay up to date on all upcoming Yeezy launches & News.

Images @requestboutiqueclt