August 2nd is finally here with and the iconic Yeezy Day has begun. Drops ranging from Confirmed raffles, Yeezy Supply waiting room drops, and a ton of exclusive acces for Level 4 Adiclub members is on the agenda for the day. Yeezy Day didn’t not disappoint as far as the releases, but the Confirmed app has struggled all day due to how many people are on it.

We will have drops ranging from the very first YEEZY BOOST 350 Turtle Dove, all the way to the to one of the newest models with the YZY FOAM RNR Mx Carbon dropping.

The day started out at 7am with the YZY 450 Utility Black raffle on Confirmed, adidas app, &, which was able to be entered days in advance. This drop was basically a global drop meant to give regions that are not included in Yeezy Day an opportunity to grab a Yeezy.

At 9am time sales started with the Yeezy 350 V2 Static & 700 V2 Static in kids and infants sizes only. Along with that the Yeezy 700 Analog launched on Confirmed. Yeezy Supply then dropped the Analog on ther at 10:00 am est.

Also at 10am we seen the YZY Slide Soot drop on Confirmed, but the only you could see it is if you clicked the read more on the Onyx FOAM RNR article on the app. Look out for more surprises like this through out the day.

The first Exclusive Access drop for the day we seen the Blush 500, Desert Sage 350 V2, OREO 350 V2, and Mist FOAM RNR. There will be a lot of exclusive acces going out today and some specific ones will be for Level 4 Adiclub members so stay locked here.

The second Exclusive Access drop came with the YZY SLIDES Glow Green & Ochre dropping. Expect to see a lot of EA today.

The next Confirmed raffle launched about 11am with the YEEZY 700 V3 Azael dropping. This is by far the most coveted Yeezy 700 V3 colorway. For some reason they ended up delaying the draw until 3:00 pm est.

Another round of Exclusive Access went out about 11:30am on Confirmed. This includes the Blush, Clay Brown, & Ash Grey 500s. Yeezy Day is definitely heating up.

At 12pm on est Canada seem the YEEZY 350 V2 Sesame drop on Confirmed. This drop was for Canada only, the US will get a chance to grab these later on Yeezy Supply.

After a small break the YEEZY 500 Supermoon has went live at 1pm on Yeezy Supply. Including exclusive access this is the 4th YEEZY 500 to drop today.

adidas hit us with another surprise drop. The YZY SLIDE Core raffle started at 1pm, and is hidden at the bottom of the kids article on Confirmed.

The next Confirmed they are taking it back to the beginning with the Yeezy 350 Turtle Dove restocking for the first time ever. This has been the most talked about drop by far since it was announced. This will started at 2pm.

Exclusive Access goes out once again. This time the Yeezy 700 V3 Kyanite, Dark Glow, & OG Safflower has launched. Check your Confirmed app to see if you are chosen.

The next drop at 3pm on Yeezy Supply & Confirmed we have the YEEZY 350 V2 Hyperspace. This was once an Asia Pacific exclusive drop, but now we are getting a chance for these in North America.

Also at 3pm the YEEZY 350 V2 Core Black/Red went up on Confirmed for purchase in full family sizing. We are really getting into the heat now, but unfortunately the app isn’t working good due to how many people are on it.

We haven’t had any Exclusive Access in a while until 5pm we get some 700 V3 and a 700 V1. The Kyanite, Dark Glow, Safflower, Alvah, Clay Brown and Fade Azure. Check Confirmed to see if you were chosen.

After initially getting a drop on Yeezy Supply earlier during the event. The YEEZY 350 V2 Hyperspace also dropped via Confirmed as a queue drop at 5:30pm.

One of the most hyped drops for today is the YZY FOAM RNR Ararat. This is the original FOAM RNR and is made from a different blend of Eva & Algae making these even more comfortable than any other FOAM RNR that has released. These dropped on Confirmed at 5:45pm.

At 6pm another classic YEEZY 350 V2 dropped on Yeezy Supply. The Sesame dropped earlier in the day for Canada and now it’s time for the US to get a chance.

After the FOAM RNR Ararat we have the Yeezy 700 HI-RES Blue launching at 6pm. These will be another Confirmed drop. Not sure if that’s a good thing the way the app has been messed up all day.

At 7pm another classic YEEZY 350 V2 dropped again, but this time on Confirmed. The Sesame dropped earlier in the day for Canada and Yeezy Supply also.

The YZY FOAM RNR Onyx just launched on Confirmed in full family sizing at 7pm. The adults can be found at bottom of Onyx article, while the kids and infants are in the kids article.

At 8pm we seen the newest YZY FOAM RNR Launch on Yeezy Supply. The Mx Carbon is by far the craziest color to drop in this model, with a lot of people saying this is the best one yet.

Next launch starts at 9pm, and features the YZY KNIT RNR Fade Azure. This drop is US Exclusive.

At 9:30pm Exclusive Access goes out for the YZY SLDES Ochre, Glow Green, Resin, & Earth Brown. All these only launched in Adult sizes.

The next drop features the YZY FOAM RNR Onyx again in full family sizing. This time the launch will be on Yeezy Supply.

Last drop we have a surprise hidden drop with the YEEZY 350 V2 Blue Tint. You have to go to the Onyx FOAM RNR page and click the “Morse code” looking text to get access.

There was a ton of issues for people throughout the day especially with the Confirmed app. YEEZY Supply seemed to be normal, as it’s always hard to cop off that site on any day. Hope you were able to at least grab somthing today and we will be back tomorrow for Europe, Korea, Japan, and China. See below a detail look of the day.