YEEZY has long been one of the most popular clothing brands since it’s inception. With that being said the brand itself has never had any actual social media presence, until today. YEEZY finally launched their first Instagram page and first post today.

As the brand and Ye has been known to drop items and info in the past without warning, it’s no surprise they launched their first Instagram with no announcement or even a hint that it was going to happen. At the time of writing this article, they have already gotten over 90k followers in just a few hours.

Even after the page launch neither Ye or anyone from his team have yet to mention anything about it. The first post didn’t go live until hours after the page launch and features a video in black and white with two people wearing items from the upcoming FW22 YZYGAP Engineered by BALENCIAGA collection.

They are both at a cash register with one purchasing a piece of clothing. Behind the “sales associate” is a mountain of clothing from the same collection towering behind. There was no talking in the video, but it’s safe to say that it’s meant to let YEEZY Enthusiasts know that this collection will be coming to select GAP stores soon. YZYGAP also just put out a press release stating “YEEZY GAP PRODUCT WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME FOR PURCHASE IN PHYSICAL RETAIL AT GAP’S TIMES SQUARE FLAGSHIP STARTING TOMORROW AND AT SELECT GAP STORES IN THE US SOON. A SELECTION OF YEEZY GAP ENGINEERED BY BALENCIAGA STYLES WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE AT GAP TIMES SQUARE FROM 10AM EST TOMORROW.” See below for the full press release.

This is iconic as Ye makes another lifelong dream come true. First we hear YEEZY filed for trademarks to possibly do it’s own retail store/pop ups. Now the collection will be available in select GAP stores across the US. What a time to be a YEEZY Fan. Make sure to have notifications on for all our socials, so you know as soon as we post about any upcoming YEEZY launches and news.