Today Ye announced that he has appointmented Steven Smith as the head of Donda Industrial Design. The press release stated “Steven Smith with 37 years of experience in sporting goods, footwear, military electronics, and apparel design is appointed as HEAD OF DONDA INDUSTRIAL DESIGN”. Working with every major brand along the way, with those iconic designs still being used to this day. Smith has come to be known as the Godfather of Sneakers. In 2016 he joined YEEZY with one of his first projects being the YEEZY BOOST 700, a model that is a staple for the brand.

Press release announcing Steven Smith’s new role at DONDA Image via DONDA

During his time as executive designer, Smith didn’t stop at the 700. As that model started the “Dad shoe trend,” he also helped create the YEEZY POWERPHASE, the YEEZY 500, YZY DST BT, 450 and FOAM RNR. With the latter starting another shift in sneakers moving towards more foam based footwear.

Some early sketches of YEEZY models designed by Steven Smith Image via DONDA

His new position looks like it won’t just be based solely on footwear. As part of the press release Ye’s creative company DONDA, Steven will be involved in furniture, vehicles, and more. It also features his sneaker portfolio not just from Yeezy, but from every major brand he has worked with. Most of them appear to be some of his early sketches. There is even a concept design for a ‘DONDA Foam vehicle’. Smith told complex “I’m honored to help create our shared vision of the future, Mr. West is the single most inspiring creative I have ever worked with.”


We may not know exactly what Ye and Steven Smith have in store for the future of DONDA, but with their track record together it’s definitely something to look forward to. See images below of Smith’s sneaker portfolio. Be sure to have notifications on for all our social medias so you know when we post about all upcoming YEEZY launches and news.

Images via DONDA
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