When the 700 MNVN was first seen on Kim and Ye, back before it even had the MNVN name. The hype starting building throughout the Yeezy community. This was a brand new take on the 700 line, going for a more sporty look and leaving the Dad shoe trend behind.

When the first launch finally came, we got the Orange and Black MNVN as an extremely limited in-store release. Dropping only in New York, London, and Tokyo. Of course, a new model, that no one could get, drove prices up on secondary market. As time went on and more colorways became available, along with higher stock, people that actually want to wear the 700 MNVN are finally able to get for retail.

In June we will see another launch of the Phosphor colorway. Now, before you say great another restock. Like we recently seen with the Mono Safflower, these will receive some changes. Just likeYe staying true to his words when he said “Yeezy’s for everyone.” It’s looking like him wanting to go laceless is starting to come to fruition. Now that don’t mean every model will lose the laces, but he is making a lot of the newer models without them. The Phospher 700 MNVN is the first model to have already released, that is coming back with a lacesless version.

First Look via @dondasplace

The YZY 700 MNVN up until this point hasn’t had any updates like other silhouettes. They feature a polyester upper with huge reversed 700 going down the lateral side in a feel tuve material. The Phosphor has a lime green finish taking the MNVN back to more vibrant colors. This one of a kind polyester upper offers breathability, while adding to the aesthetic. Fused overlays in black at the heel counter and toebox with reflective materials give structure to the upper while adding lowlight visibility.

The upper is mated to the iconic 700 midsole in jet black. This houses full-length drop-in BOOSTtechnology providing instant comfort. New details for this version of the Phosphor MNVN include a laceless upper, A bright white midsole with black outsole. and similar to the original samples these will feature a pulltab at the heel. The Phosphor will also be made partly from the recycled and sustainable materials. The black rubber outsole features a herringbone traction pattern with cutouts exposing the the BOOST.

New laceless compared to Original Phosphor

The community has been asking for some changes to the MNVN model, while the most wanted changes are to make changes in colors on midsole and fused parts. Do you feel the new lacesless option is the way to go? Will this restore hype to the MNVN? Let us know your thoughts on our social medias below. Expect to see these launch in this JUNE.

RETAIL: $220