The month is starting to heat up with April’s most anticipated drop getting closer. The next Foam Rnr up is the Sulfur colorway . This is the 12th colorway to drop since first introduced in 2020. We will also see a restock of the stone Sage Foam Rnr.

The YZY FOAM RNR is made from an injected EVA foam and algae harvesting technology which helps keeps lake clean. This mix provides lightweight durability, while also helping the environment.

The slip-on includes a series of cutouts in the top to provide breathability while adding to the design aesthetic. The soft textured foot bed provides immediate comfort while also keeping your foot secure. The YZY FOAM RUNNER features a sculpted heel offering superior support. The outsole which is part of the the mold and not an added part like most shoes, consists of a wavy pattern for grip.

These will drop on April 22nd in Full Family Sizing, for $90 $65 $45. The Stone Sage will only drop in Adult sizing at most store but Adidas will have all Full Family Sizing, and will be more available than the Sulfur colorway. SULFUR will only launch in select countries and neither will launch on Adidas UK, Stone Sage should be pretty much everywhere. Below we have put together a list of Raffles and online drops. Not all raffles are available at one time so keep checking in, we will keep adding to the list as more become available.