Originally shock dropping on November 22nd at 12:00 am. This was truly a real shock drop as they were not even loaded at 11:30 the night before. Even if you were up to catch the drop the chances of copping were still slim as the stock was crazy limited.

Fast forward almost a month later we are set to get a wider release as part of this insane month of drops in December. The Knit BSKTBL is Yeezy’s newest iteration of a performance basketball sneaker. While we only seen a couple performance versions drop in the “QNTM” style, these seem to be better suited for the courts. At first glance they remind you of just another Knit sneaker with likely no support, but that’s definitely not the case. Like most knit sneakers some areas are super stretchy giving you that sock like fit. While around the mid foot area the knit is thicker and less stretchy along with some extra padding to help with lock down. Then moving to the extended sockliner which is super stretchy and has part of the lacing system weaved in keeping your foot and ankle locked in.

The midsole and heel counter, although similar to the QNTM has been redesigned as well changing the shape slightly giving you a better grip on court. This like most Yeezy’s is met with full length boost technology turning this into an actual comfortable basketball sneaker.

Look for these to launch DECEMBER 16th for $300. Expect to see them on Adidas, Yeezy Supply, and select retailers. Stay tuned for our where to buy list for links to every store that will have these on drop day. Make sure to keep glued here to be first to know every time we post about upcoming Yeezy Launches and news. We always post here first. Comment on Instagram what you think of the YZY KNIT BSKTBL.

RETAIL: $300

Images via @ellebellesneakers, check out his YouTube video on these.

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