Recently the YouTuber @qiasomar did a little surgery on his Knit Rnr. Although still comfortable everyone has wondered what is actually under the knit?

Starting at the toe box and an exacto Knife. Qias started cutting into the sneaker surprisingly with ease. He made it through and revealed an Eva foam piece in the shape of the toe box underneath.

Moving on to the heel starting at the top, the cut seemed a little tougher than the first one. Once through we see it’s made up of the same material. So then it seems… did they really put the same material on the toe as the midsole? Or was it was one piece like a Foam Runner?

To finish off the sneaker he then made the most satisfying cut as the knife sliced though the tread of the outsole. Once finished then it revealed that the Knit Rnr is not one piece inside and has the toe and heel glued to the midsole. Then yes the midsole was also made up of the same foam as the rest the sneaker.

What are your thoughts of the Knit Rnr? The future or a flop? Let us know on Instagram and will also link Qias’ video and Instagram below as well. See below pics of the before and after

Images via @qiasomar