Whether it’s the Slides or the Foam Runners. Like usual when Ye drops a new silhouette there is a lot of mixed feelings amongst the general public. Fast forward a few colorways and a little over a year it seems like the Foam Runner has taken the world by storm with its futuristic design. Now almost every sneakerhead needs a pair.

First in hand look

The Vermilion will be the first all red sneaker from Ye and Adidas. What better time of year to launch them than in October? When the Nike Red October’s came out it was an instant classic and these will definitely be no different. The best part Ye’s newest “Red October” won’t set you back 10-15k..

With all the delays as of late Adidas and Yeezy can’t miss this opportunity on releasing these in October. These will be the usual $80 retail. Keep notifications on and we will keep you up to date with all Yeezy releases.

Vermilion October