HONEY FLUX September 20th

With September being one of the biggest months this year for Yeezy it’s no surprise that we are getting a few Monday releases this month. Keeping the same vibe as previous MNVN colorways the Honey Flux has a bright all Yellow Nylon upper with the reverse 700 in 3M going down the side. All that sits on top of boost cushioning inside an all black 700 midsole and outsole to close out the sneaker. Although this sneaker silhouette isn’t for everyone they get more popular with each drop.

Not yet loaded on Yeezy Supply or Adidas for the 13th as originally planned. Some retailers did put up raffles for the for that day earlier in the week… Then took them down. Now a few more stores have put up raffles for September 13th. It looks like for whatever reason the Honey Flux and DST BT have switched dates and MNVN will now drop in the 20th. A lot of releases have changed dates ever since the Ochre was first delayed back in July. Most likely due to shipment issues because of the recent Covid outbreak overseas. As raffles pop up we will post them on our Instagram and expect to see these on Adidas Confirmed or Adidas App depending on where you live. Then launch on Yeezy Supply, Consortium stores , and Foot-sites. To stay up to date turn on notifications here or on Instagram @influencevisions_.