There hasn’t been much news as of late for upcoming YEEZY drops, but Ye has managed to stay in the headlines. Last week his creative company DONDA released news of Steven Smith being named head of Industrial Design. Now it looks like Ye and his legal team just filed to trademark “YZYSPLY” for for retail stores and online services.

Hoodies from first YZY GAP Drop

This is some huge news for any YEEZY enthusiast as we all know how hard it is to just grab a pair of kicks off his YEEZY Supply website when his sneakers drop. In the past the same website use to sale his YEEZY Season clothing line along with boots that weren’t in collaboration with adidas. With this new trademark could we see brick and mortar “YZYSPLY” stores? Or is Ye just getting prepared just in case he does want to have some of his clothing move away from these extremely limited drops.

It looks like Ye isnt leaving anything out of this trademark filing either. It includes your typical shirts, pants, hats, socks, headwear, footwear, plus accessories. Basically if you can wear it he filed for it.

Does this mean Ye is planning to start yet another clothing line? He already has a major deal with GAP. An actual brick and mortar store can have endless possibilities of what could be sold there. To any YEEZY fan, to actually be able to shop for all your favorite YEEZY items in one place without waiting in line on a computer would be a dream come true.